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Data Breach can be Devastating—How to avoid it?

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The people who want to avoid losses and want to get prosperity in their need to make their data secure. The problem of data breach is increasing and getting worse day by day as it is becoming more and more devastating. People have all their data save digitally from their medical records to financial records, from companies’ business plans to clients’ information, it is necessary to make the data safe. In the year 2008, more than 285 million records were exposed, after the span of five, the situation is not much different, in eight months of the current year, more than 200 incidents of data breach have been reported that have compromised about 1.2 million of the records. There are some simple precautions which can secure you from getting your data breach.

Establish a strong firewall; it is the first barrier of security that any would face who will try to break into the data. It will control and keep a record of the information that is being injected into the database and the information going out. It is quite handy in making your data secure. Along with a strong firewall, a strong password can also help your cause. The IT experts have given the computer users a proper guideline of how to establish a set up a strong password. The basic principle of setting up a strong password is not to use any important dates or events connected to your life as your password. Spelling a common word backward is also not wise enough to bully the hackers as they are expert in breaking such kinds of passwords. Try to make a combination of lowercase and uppercase words with some inclusion of symbols and digits. Another known and ineffectively used security measure is antivirus programs. The reason why I am calling it ineffectively used is that the computer users only keep the antivirus programs in their computers, but, do not update it regularly. The cyber criminals work hard to improve their hacking techniques and to tackle the available security measures. That is why, it is necessary to update the program, so that, you can adopt the security lines that are amended by the data security companies. A well maintained antivirus program is amazingly helpful in neutralizing the hacking efforts of the hackers.

The IT security experts rate the insider threat to data quite high. They suggest that the employees of the company contribute heavily in leaking data whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. The employees of the company have the complete access to the data they are concerned with. It is like a walk in the park for an employee of the company who want to steal the data and hand it over to some rival or competing companies against a handsome sum of money. He just needs to copy the data and paste it in his portable drive and walk away with the precious information. To avoid such breach, you should use security software that can provide data a reliable Copy Protection. Employees leak data unintentionally through emails, losing their portable drives or laptops or even verbally. The companies need to educate their employees regarding data security and instruct them to use security software so that no valuable information is leaked.

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