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Oil on Canvas: The Piece of Art

by atanupk

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Oil painting is the process of canvas painting that is bound with a medium of drying oil. These include linseed oil, walnut oil, poppy-seed oil and safflower oil. The oil may boil with a resin as like pine resin to create a varnish. An artist must use different oils in the same painting following specific pigments and desired effects. Although oil painting was first introduced for the Buddhist paintings which were painted by Indian and Chinese painters, it did not achieve its popularity until mid-15th century. In recent years, water miscible oil on canvas has come to prominence replacing the usage of ordinary traditional oil. It was very popular in this era compared with traditional oils.

Contents of Oil Painting:

Following are the contents of oil on canvas:

  • Techniques of Oil Painting: The artist used to sketching the object onto the canvas with thinned paint or charcoal earlier. That is the beginning of traditional oil painting techniques. Traditionally, paint was turned into the actual painting through paint brushes. But there are other methods like using rags and palette knives. Oil paint usually remains wet longer than any other types of painting materials to change the texture or color or form of the painting by the artist. Oil paint remains dry when it is getting oxidized not evaporated. It is usually dry to the touch within a week.


  • Ingredients: In earlier there is flax seed which was the source of linseed oil. But recent advance chemistry produced water miscible oil paints that can be cleaned up with water. Water miscible property was created by small alterations in the molecular structure of the oil.


  • Supports for oil on Canvas: There is a canvas situated at the backside of an oil painting to support it. Expensive cotton fabric and linen is used to make traditional artists’ canvas. There is a wooden panel after the linen that contains absolute solidity. This is an advance advantage for traditional artist.
  • Process of Oil Paintingoil painting is made of mixing pigments containing the oil color. Traditional artists used to mixing paints from raw pigments. Paint brush has to use for painting. Some artists don’t want to varnish their work. They prefer to keep surfaces remain varnish-free.



Earlier in the mid-15th century the popularity of oil painting spread through Italy from North. In this era oil painting is very familiar when one has to design his living room or art gallery or office through this. Oil portray is excellent moderate of fine art which has developed many of the very best musicians all over. In case is prepared get a Painting, it is essential for you to have knowledge of your musicians and also performs as a way to identify in between an incredible portray and also inexpensive art. Leonardo Da Vinci has been in history favorite acrylic art performer. One of many makes of portray which has acclaimed many appreciation and also recognition from the record of human beings will be Symbol portray the painters.

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