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Why you need a London estate agent

by ukproperty

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Chigwell and Barkingside are two areas in London, England that may be experiencing growing demand for its real estate properties. Chigwell is basically a laid-back residential area though there are still areas that have retained their rural atmosphere. Barkingside too has a rural flavor to it even though more and more people are discovering its residential appeal. You will need an estate agent if you plan to explore these two areas as possibly the site of your new home.

One reason you will need the assistance of a London estate agent is that the estate agent may know the territory better than you. She may also be aware of future changes that would affect the price of land and housing in the area. This could mean, for example, construction of new roads or even a highway nearby would allow more people to consider moving into the neighborhood. If a company intends to set up an extension of their factory or offices within the area that could drive up the price for letting or purchase of property as well. If you are serious about finding the right property, you will probably want the estate agent to advice you on when you should let or buy your ideal home so that you stay ahead of the property pricing trend.

An estate agent Barkingside may have properties that were previously used for farming activities but which can be transformed into residential housing instead. If you look at magazines about architecure and interior design, you may find good examples of farmhouses that have been renovated and redesigned by professional architects and interior designers. The final outcome is often so good that the entire property gains more value. Even structures such as barns may become homes once the right design is executed. The positive side of this is that the property being offered by your estate agent Barkingside does not need to lose its rural appeal altogether. The same holds true for your estate agent Chigwell because there are places in Chigwell that are still mainly rural.

However you should be cautious before you pick any particular estate agent Chigwell or Barkingside. First of all, an estate agent in England is legally required to belong to an estate agent association such as the Ombudsman for Estate Agents Scheme. This membership is meant to curb abuses by British estate agents when they deal with the public. Some questionable practices include charging fees from clients that have no legal basis, and charging exorbitant amounts for fees that do have legal basis. Membership in an estate agent association also helps estate agents gain more legitimacy in the eyes of the public so that more people will be encouraged to patronize the members of the agent association.



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