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Sticking it Up with UV-cured Industrial Adhesives

by shannonmcniel

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Any major industrial or commercial application will require some form of adhesive to bring certain components together. These substances are designed to withstand extreme factors, such as pressure and high temperatures, and therefore bring the product to higher performance levels. Although there are many types of quality industrial adhesives out on the market, one such variety is seen as a winner for certain applications: UV-cured adhesives.

Designed in the 1960s as an alternative to solvent-based products, UV curing involves the use of ultraviolet light sources to instantly harden the adhesive as soon as it is applied. Some sources state that UV-curing products comprise 4% of the industrial-coating market and have a wide range of applications. These include telecommunications, graphic arts, electronics, plastic decorations, and automotive functions. There are various benefits to take advantage of if you are making a product that requires UV-cured adhesive products.

Enhanced Physical Attributes

Products brought together using UV curing tend to have additional boosts to their physical properties. These include better elasticity, tougher bonding and adhesion, and more resilience against scratches and abrasions. A heady mix of these abilities can make for a durable product that can win over consumers and increase sales in the process.

Greater Production Speed

UV-curing adhesive processes have the potential to enhance productivity on the assembly line. This is evident in the assembly, for example, of certain machines with sensitive components put together through regular industrial adhesives. The conventional method may see the machine assembled through a product cycle lasting up to a few months, with revisions and quality control issues taken into account. However, when using UV cures, the same machine may go from initial assembly to quality control in less than a week.

Less Haste, Less Waste

Going for a UV-curing setup may help reduce product waste so common in manufacturing lines. When a product put together with UV-cured adhesive has some issues, it can temporarily be taken off the production line for immediate fixing. UV-curing machines also do not take up much space on a factory, thus reducing labor costs.

Adding UV-cured adhesives into your tools list can be a game-winner for you if you are into any manufacturing-based field. It enables faster production times and less wastage. To learn more log on to

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