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Know all about record linkage software and its similar types

by dormatwalls

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The importance of statistics is something which is rising at a very
fast pace. There is currently no such field in which statistics is not
used as almost everything takes the help of data from different sources
and the analysis of such a data is the main task in front of as
statistician. These statisticians have to first of all find the source
of all the information that they want to collect on a particular
subject and then they have to analyze them. One such task which falls
in the hands of these people is that of linking the different data from
different sources. If the task would have been that easy then they
would have easily got a particular data from a particular data set but
since they do not encounter such a data they have to combine data from
various sources such as books, magazines, data sets and many more such
sites. It is then that we use the record linkage software.
Suppose you want to find a data about a particular thing or subject
then you have to firstly find the particular data from each of the
available sets and then you have to link these with the help of this

The task of linking is not that simple also because in the process
you may encounter a similar data in the two data sets which if
unnoticed can lead to several problems. Thus to remove such a data from
the ultimate data sets one requires the use of data scrubbing.
The best part of this software is that it can remove duplicate data
from anything such as mailing lists, excel sheets, databases and many
more. The best part of this software is that it applies some really
complex algorithms to the data sets to clean the detected multiple data
and thus helps a lot in lessening the problems of the statisticians.
The data deduplication software is of great help to the business also
because it happens at times that a same data is recorded twice and the
ones who are working on it do not even know about it. After running
this software the data sets which initially looked pretty lengthy are
reduced by a fair proportion which makes chances of errors pretty less
as well as reduce the workload of the statistician. The advantage for
the companies that use this software is also that the available data
sets look very precise and clean after running this through them and
thus while presenting them the company gains a lot in terms of prestige

In order to completely remove a data, data scrubbing software is
used. This software helps in the complete removal of the data which is
not useful for the company. The main benefit of using these software’s
is that they reduce the manual work of the ones who are handling these
data. The work of deletion is a very primary and a simple one but when
we do it continuously then it becomes very tiring and boring. Thus use
of these has now become a compulsion for any business.


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