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Penis Health and Masturbation - 5 Surprising Facts

by anonymous

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In a recent study, a whopping 95 percent of men admitted that they engaged in masturbation from time to time. It's possible that the other 5 percent are being a little less than honest. After all, masturbation is the one sexual activity that doesn't involve a partner, and it's remarkably easy for a guy to get down with his own body mere minutes after the idea enters his mind. Those men who honestly do not masturbate may have five really great reasons to add this technique to their penis health routine. Read on to find out more.

1. Gentle Touch Can Boost Mental Health.

Medication manufacturing companies want their clients to believe that happiness comes in prescription form, but in reality, euphoria might easily be found through a productive 15 minutes spent alone. A man engaged in self-love is focused on his own pleasure, not on the stresses of the day, and the brain releases an intoxicating cocktail of feel-good chemicals once the peak of pleasure arrives. This infusion of pleasure can stick with a guy for hours, allowing a low mood or an anxious moment to simply disappear.

2. Pleasure Might Reduce Chronic Pain.

Those happy chemicals can do more than simply boost a man's outlook. Research suggests that certain chemicals released by the brain during orgasm can reduce the sensation of pain, at least for a little while. Men with very painful chronic conditions may need to supplement their masturbation relief with pain medications, of course, but spending time spanking the monkey could help very sharp signals of pain to dull for a few moments.

3. Self-Play Can Boost Partner Performance.

In addition to helping a man feel physically and mentally prepared for partner sex, masturbation might help a guy to perform just a little better. Each little touch he applies to his body provides him with just a little more information about what he likes, what he dislikes and what he might like a little too much to handle. He can provide his partner with this information, allowing sessions to be fun and pleasurable, without ending much too soon. Masturbation can also allow men to practice self control, recognizing that moment at which orgasm is about to occur and backing away from that moment without losing momentum. This kind of training could also be vital in helping a man last a little longer in the sack.

4. Too Much Might Kill the Pleasure.

While masturbation can be helpful, some men become a little too obsessed with their own technique, and they might utilize techniques that another person's body might never replicate. These men might:

  • Lie down flat, thrusting into a pillow or the mattress
  • Pull with extreme force
  • Use twisting motions
  • Stroke rapidly

All of these actions might feel terrific, but when these men hop into bed with a living partner, that person's body might not provide the same sorts of sensations. Men like this might not enjoy their partner sex to the same extent, and might only finish when left to their own devices. Sticking to the conventional, and mixing it up with partner sex, can keep this problem from taking place.

5. If Done Improperly, It Can Cause Damage.

In most cases, masturbation is safe, healthy and enjoyable. But men who skip lubricants in their quest for pleasure could end up damaging delicate tissues with each pull they make. Skin can flake and crack as a result of friction, and underlying support structures can twist and turn under the pressure. Men who already have this damage might need the help of a penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products contain vitamins and emollients that can soften and soothe irritated skin, and they can nourish the cells and allow them to handle future attacks without tearing.

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