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The Five Cursed Gemstone Jewelry in the World

by anonymous

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There is much gemstone jewelry in the world. Most of us like many of them. We think they arGreen Series Round Aventurine Necklace with Serpentine Jade Donut Pendante beautiful and bright. Some of them are also helpful for human body. They can make people energetic and confident. While almost no one knows there are still some harmful gems. I just heard about that there are five gems are cursed in the world.

“Koh-I-Noor” which means “the Bright Mountain” in Persian is the oldest diamond in the world. It has been kept for such a long time and it is also very huge. It weighs 105.6 carat originating in Gore Kangda in India which ranked 33rd in the famous diamond of the world. It used to be the most dazzling diamond in the Queen’s crown. However, the Queen was attacked twice.
The scarab jewelry is the second kind cursed which is stolen from the tomb of Tutankhamun. When a sailor got it, he gave it to his daughter. Soon he died in the sea. After a few days, his daughter also died of leukemia. His wife thought it was the jewelry’s fault.
The third one is “the Eye of Brahma”. It is a black diamond and weighs 67.5 carat. The three owner of the diamond all had the misfortunes. They all died of jumping off a building.
And then the “Hope” blue diamond should be mentioned. It is one of the few kind diamonds. It brought misfortune to the owners.
The last one is the Magical Mirror killing people. If anyone watches in the mirror, he will die of brain hemorrhage. “Mirror” has killed 38 people since it was born from 250 years ago. While the real murderer is not the mirror, it is the mirror frame, because the material of the mirror frame will throw off the poisonous gas when it was under the sunshine.
After seeing the five kinds, you must be interested in the knowledge of the gems. Although there are five cursed gems, most of them are still very good to people. We can find that from the wholesale gemstone jewelry around us. Many people are eager to have a piece of jewelry wear. They fall in love many kinds of jewelry. They think they become more beautiful with jewelry. They believe that different jewelry have different functions on their body. Indeed, some functions are useful than medicine.
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Even people don’t wear a bracelet or a ring or the earrings, they will choose a gemstone necklace to wear. Most people prefers to the necklace. Of course there are some reasons supporting their choices.
That’s all what I want to talk about. I admit that I don’t know all the knowledge about the gems. If you want to know more, you can search in the internet by yourself. You will know more than me.

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