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A Bidet Toilet Seat to Get Hygienically Cleaned Bums

by bidet

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If you think you are a high on hygiene person while using toilet paper to clean your backside when using a toilet seat, then its time for a reality check. You are very much one of those dirty bums who, sadly, form the majority of Americans. Without mincing words, to put it straight, since ages billion dollar pulp and paper industry has fooled us in believing that soft and sanitary toilet paper is best for your bums when it isn't!


Believe it or not but toilet papers are useless when it comes to cleaning our bums hygienically. They cannot take care of bacteria and germs in and around private areas after a visit to restroom. Like you need water to wash yourself every day instead of a towel, similarly,  water is need to give your bums a sanitised and completely clean feel. 


Wondering, why would you be made to believe otherwise when it’s not hygienic to use toilet paper? Well, let’s make a simple calculation. Just calculate the money you spend on toilet paper every month and then multiply it with 12. Then multiply it with all those years you have been using toilet paper and the number of Americans who have been doing the same for many, many years.  No wonder, effective and economical washing alternatives like the bidet toilet seat are yet to get their due recognition.


Most of the cultures around the world use water as the most preferred method of cleaning. With a bidet toilet seat you can now get effective cleaning of private parts after a big job without having to use your hands for cleaning. These are easy to install seats that require no extra plumbing, expensive contractors, or expensive parts as used by traditional bidets. All one needs to do is replace the existing seats with these bidet toilets and connect to the existing plumbing. Simple and effective solution to your everyday personal hygiene.


Basic Bidet, a leading bidet shop, offers a wide range of high quality, electric and non-electric bidets to help enhance personal hygiene to everyone including children, senior citizens, people with physical handicap and Haemorrhoids. For more information about the different types of bidets and bidet toilet seat available, please logon to their website at

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