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From Poly Strapping to Food Containers: The Diversity of Pol

by thelmabowman

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Aside from security taking the form of good transport and insurance, one of the most direct forms of safekeeping an item is through proper packaging. Although this is mostly associated with boxes, crates, and bubble wraps, one important aspect that keeps the item safe is the strapping that holds everything together.

Strapping can come in different forms, but one of the popular choices is poly strapping in polyester or polypropylene. This is flexible, durable, and has a high tensile strength (maximum stress that a material can withstand) making it appropriate for heavy unitizing and palletizing of cargo for shipment.

Poly strapping or polypropylene strapping is a type of high-quality plastic strapping. Polypropylene was discovered by German chemist Karl Rehn and Italian chemist Giulio Natta who were working on different polymers in 1954. While polyethylene, nylon, and polyester are also popular choices for strapping, polypropylene can withstand stress longer than polyethylene and doesn't absorb water like nylon.

Like other forms of plastics, polypropylene has a diverse range of uses. While it can be flatenned to strips for packaging and shipping, it can also be pressed and molded into containers for foof products. Since this plastic is easy to manufacture and shape, it can be turned into small plastic parts for toys and vehicle parts, and used for upholstery and electronics. Compared to polyethylene, it has a higher melting point which means it can withstand higher temperatures better thus is a good kitchen tool. Polypropylene can also be dyed into different colors without affecting its quality. It has become such a popular material that its use in the global market is estimated at 45.1 million tons or $65 billion worth.

The strength of a poly strapping can also vary depending on its thickness, width, and length. Since it is easy and inexpensive to produce, and can be formed in different shapes and sizes, a lot of shipping companies choose polypropylene for their strapping needs. Owing to its flexibility and strength, poly strapping is not only good for packaging, it also keeps products in a neat bundle.

Research on plastic polymers continue, and polypropylene is just one development that has proven to be very usual in many industries. Although there are new plastics that might give promising results, polypropylene still remains as a popular choice since it was discovered. To know more about polypropylene, you can visit: and

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