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Make Your Kitchen Healthy for Your Family

by wandagcurry

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It's about time to encourage healthy eating habits to your family. The proper way to begin is to give your kitchen a transformation - from your cupboards, fridge to freezer.

1. Check what is in your fridge.

It is time to evaluate the goods that are inside your fridge. Get everything out and place them in the table. Group them into two: healthy and not healthy. Clean your refrigerator and bring back those that are in the healthy group. Afterwards, ask yourself: Are they sufficient? Maybe not; so get into the car and drive your way to the supermarket. But what should be in your checklist? Buy fruits like bananas, mangoes and apples. Stock eggs, almonds, peanut butter, cottage cheese, vegetables like broccoli, whole wheat tortillas, low-fat dairy products, fish and many others. Because you keep healthy foods in your fridge, there is no way they will be able to consume anything that is not good for their body. Similarly, they will eat what is available.

2. Stick to fresh foods when grocery shopping.

Keep away from shopping for canned vegetables and fruits. As much as possible, select the fresh ones. Obtain different colors of fruits. Choose green leafy vegetables. Pick whole-wheat bread instead of those that are made from refined flour. Just forget about processed meats like sausages and commercially-made burgers. If your children love burgers, make your own out of lean meat and vegetables. Yes, get lean meat and fish. Go for healthy oils like canola and olive.

3. Examine all cabinets.

Cupboards are the next locations to inspect in the kitchen. These are the spots where you stock their snacks, which they usually eat during weekends. Again, get rid of all unhealthy items like sugary foods and drinks. Place whole grain crackers, peanut butter and many more.

4. Let them see what they really need (and what you want them) to see.

Put the fresh fruits you bought in the table or in the kitchen counter. Slice some items of these fruits, as well as veggies, in transparent bags or containers and place them in the area of the fridge where they could be seen easily.

5. Cook healthy but delicious meals.

Because you are not used to healthy cooking, you may ask your friends for recipes or you may search over the Web. Plan meals every week and ensure that the ingredients are available to prevent you from cooking easy-to-cook but unhealthy dishes. Because you are serving new foods, plate them creatively so your family will find the interest to eat them. While eating (or after eating), you may check with your children the health benefits of what you just served them.

Healthy eating should be your ultimate goal now at home. The steps above will help you do a kitchen makeover to ensure that what you have in your kitchen are only those that are good for the well-being of the entire family. However, it can also help if you will confer with your spouse and kids about your plan and why you want to do it. In this way, you will be able to obtain their support.


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