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When you Need a New TV Aerial

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Digital television is a true breakthrough in audio and visual enjoyment. We have access to a myriad of television channels from all over the world, as well as favourite home grown ones and a wealth of services that includes catch-up TV, record and pause and even the option to record whole series of favourite programmes to watch at leisure at a time that suits. There are times however when it can go wrong. If you’ve ever turned on the television set only to find you have no digital signal then you’ll know how frustrating that can be. The problem could be a simple one, however it could mean that a new TV aerial is required and this should always be left to a professional TV aerial installer.

Do You Need a New Aerial?

If you’re experiencing problems in receiving your favourite channels, such as ghosting on the screen, pixilation, flickering, sound distortion, or perhaps you have no digital signal at all and you’re greeted with a blank screen then it could be your aerial that is at fault.

There are many problems that can occur with an aerial but not all require a new replacement aerial. The first action should be to check with neighbours, are they experiencing problems or have no digital signal? If so the fault could lie with the main transmitter for the area, making it an area problem and not an individual one. If your neighbour’s TV is fine then the problem could lie with your personal aerial.

If so now is the time to call in a reputable TV aerial installer. If you can use the installer who fitted the aerial initially then so much the better, it might be still guaranteed.

Repair or Replace?

A trustworthy TV aerial installer will check the aerial safely and thoroughly to ascertain whether the problem is able to be rectified without the need for a new aerial. Wires can become corroded in the weather, connections can become loose, your TV aerial installer might be able to fix the problem quickly and effectively.

If the problem is more serious then you may need a new aerial. This can be an opportunity to try a new digital provider, particularly if your old one often resulted in no digital signal. Ask your TV aerial installer which service is best in your area and opt for that one. It could save you money in the long term.

Don’t make the judgement yourself, call in a good TV aerial installer and you’ll be ensured of a safe service that’s in your benefit. It could be a blessing in disguise.


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