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Charlotte sleep apnea and its treatment

by advinrosa

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Charlotte sleep apnea treatment is the most eminent place where the patient gets proper care to be cured quickly

Sleep apnea is the sleeping disorder which can turn out to be extremely severe and dangerous for an individual. According to a survey there are about 65% who snores while sleeping suffers with sleep apnea in which the soft tissues present in the throat that includes tongue also is collapsed and sucked against the backside of the throat which results in the blocking of the upper airway and stops the free flow of air. The oxygen level in the brain becomes very low, makes the sleeper partially awake during the sleep. It is also known as misleading sleep disorder, because the patient, who is suffering from sleep apnea, does not know himself or herself that he or she is suffering from such a disease. In most cases, the patients husband or wife or live in partner find out that their respective bed partners are suffering from this sleep disorder. This weird disease can be a cause of death in sleep if it is not dealt with utmost efficiency and skill. People with sleep apnea have very low oxygen in their blood. Increase in the level of blood pressure, stroke , diabetes.

Symptoms of sleep apnea:

Following are the symptoms of sleep apnea -:

1. Feeling of excessive sleepiness during the day time

2. Loud snoring

3. Loss of memory

4. Change in personality

5. Felling of lethargy

6. Morning headaches

7. Loss in attention power

8. Sudden gain of weight

9. Falling asleep at inappropriate times

10. loss of judgment power.

There are various reasons for which a person suffers from sleep apnea. These reasons are as follows:-


Large nostrils

Congestion in the nasal tract

Several other physical conditions which cause nasal blockage

These symptoms should be reported to sleep therapist under the Charlotte Sleep Apnea Treatment clinic, who conducts the counseling sessions with the patients in order to help him to cure the disease on their own, without any medicine. The treatment usually involves several sessions of conversation between the patient and the councilor, where they both talk about the quantity of sleep the patient is having in the night, they discuss about the dreams the patient is having, his energy level throughout the day. Sleep disorder generally leads a person to being tired and stressed out throughout the day.

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