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A Good Read—Tips to Make Reading Fun for Your Child

by adriannavesey

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Reading is the doorway to a world full of creativity and information, so it's important to help your child foster a love of reading right from the start, and to sustain his interest over time. There are also many things you can do to encourage a child who is trying hard to love reading, but is having some difficulty. Research suggests that understanding how your child feels about reading, positive reinforcement, association, and providing him with a book that's a good read could all be a big help.

Reluctant child readers are often that way because they associate reading with parental pressure, schoolwork, studying, and other less-interesting activities. Studies have revealed that the number of kids reading for pleasure has been on a steady decline as the leisure options for children continue to increase via smartphone apps and portable video games. Hence, here are some great ideas to get your reluctant young reader to start reading.

Let your child read aloud

Reading out loud is a way to increase your child's vocabulary, comprehension, and attention skills. However, its greatest benefit is that it teaches your child to appreciate reading. If you're already doing bedtime stories and reading books with your child, think about other ways to liven things up like reading over breakfast, asking him what likes most about the stories, etc. If you have more than one child, encourage them to read aloud to each other.

Have a book handy always

Books make the best portable entertainment systems because they're lightweight, durable,and educational. Plus, you don't need to power them up to use them. Keep a book in your bag so you can pull it out anytime you and your child experience some downtime, like when waiting in a restaurant or sitting at a poolside or in the beach.

Be a reading buddy

Whenever you catch your child reading, grab your own book and read beside him. If you prefer a scheduled approach, you can plan a reading session during weekends where the whole family reads at the same time.

Above all, it's important to show your child that reading is an enjoyable activity. Whether you're reading popular books about family or faraway kingdoms, having fun is the first step towards endearing your child to the world of reading. For more tips on how to get your child to enjoy reading, visit

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