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Can I use one external hard drive for two different operatin

by Ailsa00

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Can I use one external hard drive for two different operating
systems, and the OS's Windows 7 and Mac, or Windows XP and Mac? Well,
there are a couple of ways to accomplish this. Here I will introduce two
circumstances: sharing external hard drive for two computers on two different operating systems, share hard drive on two different operating systems on one computer.

How to share hard drive for two computers on Mac and Windows
you ever encountered such problem as me: I bought one external hard
drive, and connect it to my sister’s macbook pro, the hard drive can be
recognized, but it cannot be written anything after opened it. Then I go
to the shop where I bought this drive, the repairman formatted the hard
drive under Windows OS, it can be written and read on Mac OS computer,
but after I go home, i connect the hard drive to my Windows computer,
the drive cannot be recognized. What should I do? Well, I search from
the internet, and found one solution.
First, connect the external
hard drive to Mac OS computer, backup the important data, then go to
Disk Utility, click the erase the disk, then format the hard drive as
ExFAX, waiting for the format processing.

Second, prepare the
hard drive program (different hard drives have different programs,
please prepare according to the model of your hard drive), and Windows
updating program (WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-CHS.exe). Then connect the hard
drive to Windows OS computer, a window pop up to prompt find new
hardware, then find hard drive program to install. If there is no drive
under the Windows at this time or the hard drive cannot be recognized,
please install the Windows updating program that I mentioned above. Then
you will see the content of your hard drive, and the hard drive can be
written and read. Now you can transfer movies, songs, photos, documents,
etc. between different systems such as Windows 7 and Mac or Windows XP
and Mac.

Share hard drive on different systems on one computer
there universal partition format can be used on Mac and windows
simultaneously? I have an external hard drive, and I have installed Mac
OS on my Windows 7 computer, and want to use hard drive on these two
operating systems, but I find the NTFS format files under Windows OS
cannot be read or written on Mac OS, the files which saved as Mac
partition format cannot be read and written under Windows OS. Is there
some way to achieve this purpose that can use external hard drive on
different systems? Of course, just put the partition of “Mac OS Extended
(Journaling)” as the final partition of hard drive, the problem will be
As the installation file of Mac OS is smaller than 8GB, we
can do partitions for external hard drive under Mac OS, format the first
several partitions as MS DOS mode, and finally format the last
partition as Mac format.
So you can access the hard drive except this
8GB partition, and the hard drive can not only be used as startup disk
to install Mac, but also it can be used as data storage device that can
be accessed by different systems on one computer.

Tips: Before formatting external hard drive, please backup your important data firstly. And if you want to recover data on Mac
or Windows, don’t forget to save the recovered files to another device,
not the original one. Learn more about recover data on Mac from here: How to Recover Missing Files from Mac Hard Disk.