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Best antivirus for the new generation malwares and virus

by kajor

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Viruses and other malicious programs like spyware and worms can cause inconvenience and damage to your computer. Some of the problems that you may experience when your system is infected are slowness, freezing, unwanted pop-ups, redirection to other sites, unable to access the Internet or other programs on your computer, etc. Your files may also get corrupted and worse, your personal and online information can be stolen. This is why it is important to have a powerful security application installed on your computer to prevent these issues from happening.


I have tried other antivirus applications before and since they were about to expire, I searched online for other virus protection programs that could be better than the one I used. Security programs are continuously being developed and released so I thought why not do a search and maybe I would find a program that is worth trying. I found a new antivirus program called DoctoAntiVirus, which captured my attention. The site promises customized and effective protection that would suit my preferences and needs so I gave it a try. I downloaded the free version to test if it would work. The free trial lasts for 30 days so I had ample time to test the software thoroughly and see if it works well.




I was very impressed with the program because it effectively blocked several viruses that even my previous security programs were not able to detect and stop. Whether I am accessing the Internet, reading my mails or using different programs on my computer, I feel protected with this powerful antivirus protection always scanning and on the lookout for malicious programs that may harm my computer or steal my personal and online information. This is important for me as a journalist as I always do my work on my computer and my important files are saved there.


After 30 days, I was sure that DoctoAntiVirus was an excellent find. So I didn’t hesitate to purchase the full or the premium version. The program blocks suspicious sites so I don’t have to worry about phishing sites waiting to steal my information. Links and attachments are also scanned to make sure that my system will not be infected if I download them. If you are interested in using this antivirus program, you can visit this site for download. If you wish to give it a try before spending your hard earned money, you may also download the free trial. But I bet that you will love this program as much as I do because of the protection it provides.


As of now, the developers are only offering the premium version of the antivirus program that will protect your personal computer. They are about to release an antivirus package for companies or enterprises called the Hyper protection. If you are a business owner or you are managing a company, you may consider getting this package once released. Mobile devices are now just as important and useful as computers. In fact, smartphones have the capabilities of computers including Internet access, e-mail, playing videos and more. This is why they are also prone to virus attack. DoctoAntiVirus for mobile is also on its way, which we need to watch out for.

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