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Exclusive Features of Time Server for Windows

by swethar

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Exclusive Features of Time Server for Windows

Microsoft has come up with the latest Windows 7 operating system to correct the flaws by its predecessors in the sector, which had remained a big issue in the technological sector. The best part of Windows 7 is that it automatically synchronizes the time using the WTS (windows time service) that can be located at the site of

Microsoft manages this accurate stratum 2-time server, which probably changed for another source of internet time. It also recommends that internet time sources should not be used for computer networks because they are not approved to be the time protocol i.e. NTP (Network time protocol) needing a port left open in the firewall. Because of this, you will likely bear some big risks in passing on the signals and even many people will likely misuse the same by facilitating its access. In such situation, it would be better to use a dedicated network timeserver for an accurate method of synchronizing Windows 7 network.

Installation of Time Servers

Professionals can either install Time Servers for Windows on a single machine or plug directly into the switch for the network. The proper NTP servers use either the GPS signals or long wave radio broadcast, which is transmitted, from the national physics laboratory.  For example, MSF signal broadcast by NPL of United Kingdom and the WWWVB signal of the United States is broadcasted by NIST.

Authentication and Benefits of NTP

NTP authenticates all these signals, which are external to the firewalls to establish its authority of signals, which can be more accurate and secure method to synchronize Windows 7 network. Most of the timeservers use the time protocol NTP (Network time protocol) as it can easily distribute a single timeserver throughout a network of hundreds and thousands of machines.

For many home users this NTP will save them from any hassle for setting up and correcting their clock as it drifts. However, for the business users it could be troublesome, as the internet time sources do not remain in secured condition, because of which hackers will likely use them in a malicious way.

By opening the clock and date dialogue box, you can deactivate the internet time source. The highly accurate and secure GPS signals used by the NTP servers which are available anywhere on the localized long wave radio signals.

NTP has an integrated security feature, which drives away the tampering of the time system synchronization. It also implements authentication by making use of a set of keys between a server and a client that can encode computer data. With the help of this, the clients can ensure that the timestamp has originated from the right source.



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