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Best Features of Fuel Truck OBC system with Product Security

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We all know that without truck services, the world would be running at the pace that it is. There are so many things that are made possible simply as because there are vehicles to transport product or fuel delivery from one place to another place. In industrial sector truck services are really a significant matter. Fuel truck OBC (on board computer) services have been used for a very long time in industrial division. It is specifically developed for fuel delivery fleets.

Even today, the technology has improved a lot. It is true that these in-cab computers are used in trucks for smooth functioning. There is a considerable extent since the nineteen hundreds, which has made it possible for drivers to monitor truck performance.

Aside from this, the now drivers are using high technology OBC system. They are using a micro processor known as an Electronic Control Module or ECM, all data pertaining to the performance of the truck can be gathered. Not only that the ECM will store parameters like fuel efficiency, braking torque an even exhaust characteristics.

BASEstation fuel truck OBC system has an excellent product security. When it is ordered with the optional ProControl 2 handheld device the operator is required to scan a customer tank mounted RFID tag prior to pump engagement. There are some significant features that aware customer about the proper function of this device.

1. By utilizing GPS and database system the operator can see customers’ address and account information. This is an automatic system. So the device will automatically display all the information as the truck enters customer’s yard.

2. Through the procedure the driver can confirm the customer location and prepares to make his delivery. Apart from this, the operator can scan the RFID tag attached to the customer’s tank and the tag data is sent wirelessly back to the truck up to 1000ft away.

3. If the customer account information contained on the RFID tag corresponds with the trucks current GPS coordinates and database customer information an ‘authorization’ message is transmitted back to the handheld display allowing the operator to initiate the delivery.

4. Any attempt to unload product without a match between database and the RFID tag data is red flagged, there is an exception report is generated in the delivery record showing the operators name, proper schedule, volume that unloaded and location.

5. There is an exception report that can also be emailed or sent by text to appropriate supervisory personnel. It’s true that every fleet operation is different. Now there are different trucks, several delivery process and different back office accounting and management.

Every BASEstation customer is assigned a dedicated deployment expert to ensure the exchange of data between truck and back office is robust and usable. Basically the experts have long years of experience translating truck operational data to accounting and fleet management systems.

Positively, the protocols are industry standard and interface with most back office software providers. These specialists can guarantee customer satisfaction and remain at the customer’s disposal for questions, upgrades, and troubleshooting for the life of the system.

BASE Engineering designs excellent Fuel truck OBC technology for petroleum delivery fleets. Since 1996 over 50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle,
and replacement warranty on every product of OBC (on board computer)we manufacture.

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