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How small businesses down on Main Street, are competing with

by jeassonlens

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Today, as the economy slowly bounces back competition is getting tougher as more and more new businesses open their doors. This makes it quite difficult for small businesses; especially startups get the exposure they need to successfully compete. More often than not, customers tend to choose companies whose names are commonly seen and heard through a variety of advertisements in various forms of media. While many mom and pop shops down on Main Street may feel the need to join the throng of costly ad mediums to help them compete against large corporations with huge advertisement budgets, the problem they face is most small businesses don’t have the funds or marketing experience to push advertisement projects through in order to make a difference. So what are they to do to keep their doors open?

There are a few companies out there that are strong advocates promoting shop small in local communities like Your Echo Mobile Marketing of Rahway, New Jersey whose primary goal is to give small business owners an opportunity to promote at this level through mobile marketing and custom loyalty programs. Your Echo Mobile Marketing is a unique company that offers quality bundled marketing services to small and medium size businesses in order to help them get more customers in the door, while simultaneously saving time and money spent on marketing campaigns through automation of promotional tasks which are commonly handled manually. Through their affordable services, they aims to ensure small business names stay in front of potential consumers every day without the need to rely on the pricey services of regular advertising at a fraction of the cost.

Mobile marketing’s been around for several years and has become increasingly popular recently in America with the rapid growth of mobile culture. Mobile marketing usually consist of SMS text promotions, video, coupon and mobile applications used on apple or android phones. Previously only large corporations had the funds available for this marketing medium and development, which gave them a marketing advantage over small businesses. Your Echo Mobile Marketing owner Scott Browne said “We are here to change that and this form of advertising doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars anymore. You can run mobile marketing text messaging campaigns to enhance your existing promotions while staying in direct communication with customers anytime and anywhere and we make it affordable for businesses to get involved with our Business Builder package for less than $2 a day”. Your Echo’s team gives their best effort combined with genuine passion so all small businesses get to experience tremendous growth, made possible by their business services and marketing solutions that have been specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses.  He goes on to add “there is a quote I like to remember (publisher unknown) When you buy from a small mom and pop business you’re not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. Your helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom and dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage or a student pay for college. Our customers are our share holders and they are the ones we strive to make happy. This gives small businesses the tools to fight back corporate greed.”

Your Echo will help set up a mobile keyword and short code that uniquely identifies a business to place in existing advertisements or post in areas where potential customers can easily see them. This let’s passerby’s  text the keyword example-“Pizza” to the short code “12345” to receive a promotional coupon “buy one get one free” directly sent to their phone. This gives them an incentive to text the keyword and they are then automatically entered into the CRM business Builder database so you can send future promotions. They also offer additional marketing tools such as QR codes, email templates, loyalty programs, mystery shoppers, credit card processing and a dedicated relationship manager to work closely to help businesses boost their market share, with everything combined into a single hassle free and easy to use CRM Business Builder system.

There are continuously working to provide functional support solutions to increase your business revenue, reduce operation expenses, get new customers and free up time to spend where it matters most, engaging and interacting with your customers. This is a company helping small businesses compete and grow, while creating more jobs for Americans and they make it possible through the implementation of the finest marketing solutions and business services.

When you need your business to experience a fast paced growth without having to spend a lot, just visit  or you can also send them an email at

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