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An Introduction to Electric Shock Proof Floor Mats

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The electric shock we feel while working with electrical equipments is technically known as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). While a little bit of static shock may be used to have fun with friends, larger amounts of electric shock can prove to be very dangerous and can even be fatal. Electrostatic discharge is a serious risk in workplaces and industrial settings that have sizeable electronics and circuit boards. In case the environment is saturated by static electricity, then large servers may also get damaged. If the electrostatic discharge is sufficiently strong and the employees and other staff work around high voltage machinery, then they run a high risk of being electrocution. Due to the high risk factor, the employers and risk assessment managers need to give utmost importance to the dangers of electrostatic discharge.

Electric Shock Proof floor mats in the workplace can remove the dangers and threats of electrostatic discharge. These mats are also known as anti-static mats and static dissipative matting as well. These have controlled low resistance function and are widely used as insulating mats. These type of mats are generally attached to a grounded line of an electric receptacle. As the resistor provides earthing to the mat, the rate of discharge is slow. The resistor lets high-voltage charge pass through to the earth and thus prevents hazards of electric shock while working with parts that have low-voltage.

Electric Shock Proof floor mats are utilized for protection from electrostatic discharge. These mats have a high resistance to electric shock and the current leaks at a low speed. This makes sure that the workers remain safe and the sensitive equipments are protected. Electric Shock Proof mats are manufactured from various types of materials such as stainless steel fibers and vinyl. You can choose from a number of different, sizes, shapes, patterns and color so that it meets your requirement and suits the decor of your workplace.

Most of the electric shock proof floor mats have slip resistant and anti-fatigue properties. Some of these are light duty mats and are used to place electrical equipments or for workers to stand on. Heavy duty mats are also available for other types of applications. It is highly important that the rate of discharge of static electricity is considered while choosing these anti static mats. Sophisticated equipments may get severely damaged due to sudden dissipation. It is best to take some advice from experts regarding this issue. You can easily find and buy shock proof anti static floor mats just by a few clicks of the mouse by visiting

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