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Relationship between Lawyers in Rancho Cucamonga

by advinrosa

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While applying for child custody support hiring the best lawyer is very important to get legal advice.

It is important during the interview process to assess the lawyer’s approach and personality. It is not enough for the lawyer to be experienced and knowledgeable. Client deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Client deserves to be spoken to politely and courteously. Client has the corresponding duty to treat the lawyer with dignity and respect and to speak politely and courteously. Lawyers should not browbeat or yell at their clients. Clients should not take out their anger at their spouse on their lawyer. Both lawyers in Rancho Cucamonga and client should treat each other as professionals. The lawyer should explain important legal concepts to client, but should not talk down to client. The lawyer should show interest in the case. This does not mean that the lawyer should serve as the counselor or best friend. Client does need a best friend and counselor when client is going through divorce, but let the lawyer focus on being the lawyer. Also be aware that if client call the lawyer’s office, client are most likely going to be charged for doing so. Frequent telephone calls to the lawyer can quickly add up to large legal fees. They can also distract and prevent a lawyer from completing important work in the case. Sometimes lawyers appear to not be interested in a client’s case, when in reality they are trying to prevent a situation in which the client will fall into the habit of calling the office three or four times every day.

A variation of this is the client who sends successive emails to their lawyer. Be aware that every time client send the lawyer an email, the lawyer has to stop the other work they are doing, open the email, read the email, respond to the email, print the email to put in the correspondence file, and address whatever issues client raised in the email. Client probably would not consider writing the lawyer four or five regular letters per day, but since emails can be so quick to send, the often dash them off without a thought. And certainly, they can be an extremely efficient way to communicate. Just be aware of the work they create at the lawyer’s office as well as the impact this can have on the legal fees.

Pay attention to the initial emotional response to the lawyer at the first consultation. If the initial impression of a lawyer is that he is a jerk, the impression is most likely correct. Then realize that the initial consultation is the “honeymoon phase” of the attorney-client relationship. If the lawyer comes across as a jerk at the initial consultation, things will probably only get worse throughout the case. Divorce is difficult enough without being saddled with a difficult lawyer. If client has a strong dislike for the lawyer at the initial consultation, for any reason or even for no reason client can identify, do not hire that lawyer. Client will do him or herself and the lawyer a favor to find someone else. In managing the divorce, client should hire a lawyer in whom client have confidence. Client should hire a lawyer who treats client with respect. Client should hire a child support lawyers in Rancho Cucamonga with whom client can get along.

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