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Bonding without Air: All About Anaerobic Adhesives

by shannonmcniel

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An anaerobic adhesive is made up of a compound that remains in its liquid state until a certain force is applied on it to cause a chemical reaction. While many adhesives use heat or other chemicals to react to them, anaerobic varieties need to be deprived of oxygen for them to work. Moreover, they have to come in contact with certain metals to complete the bonding process.

The main component of the anaerobic adhesive is called the monomer, making up about 95 percent of the mix, and the remaining five percent being the bonding catalyst for the metal called the reaction initiator. While oxygen is still present, the initiator molecules remain in their own composition. However, if the former is removed from the picture, the initiator begins reacting to the monomer molecules and the curing process proceeds until no further monomer molecule remains without a bond.

Anaerobic adhesives are often used in aerospace applications such as optical fiber systems, motor windings, transducers, and antennas, among others. Their ability to perform in high temperatures and stress make them excellent for these applications. For electronic projects, this adhesive type is best used to seal electronic components and devices including integrated circuit packaging, semiconductors, and electronic conductors.

Medical applications for anaerobic adhesives are also plentiful. For instance, they are used to bond various sterile disposables like catheters and endoscopes; non-sterile reusables which do not come in contact with the patient, and device assembly. They can bond dissimilar materials, distribute pressure evenly, and fill large gaps.

For industrial purposes, these adhesives are used as thread sealants, threadlockers and flange sealants. When they are used to lock threaded assemblies like thread pipes, they prevent the fastener from loosening and corroding, maintain the clamping force and also offering controlled torque when the assembly needs to be removed.

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