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Stop shaming Redhead

by Lucycarryier

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In sixth grade, I broke into the bathroom of my parents and looted their offices for a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Disgusted with my red hair stringy, you can imagine him so popular at school I wanted to be a blonde as quickly as possible, and I had heard that hydrogen peroxide might do the trick. Standing on the bath, I poured the toxic liquid on the back of my head, hoping that the color would be instantly transformed.


Fortunately, my mother broke into a few moments later and put an end to my reckless behavior, which "could have [my] hair fall," she said.


"I'm sorry, Mom, but I want blond hair like you and Kevin," I said to her and my older brother. "Megan and Mikey have brown hair and you two are blondes. Why am I the only one in our family monster with red hair? "


"Your father has red hair."


"But I want to look like you."


"You should be thankful you're a redhead," she continued. "Older women pay tons of money to have your shade of red, and yours is free."


I hear this all the time, but refused to believe I was the lucky one. Few people can say that their mother used to participate in beauty contests, but mine did. Tan, blond, and 5'10 ", my mother is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and I had none of these attributes. I'm pasty, red, freckles, and just a little over 5'10 "and a big part of my life, it made me furious. Why should I have to have is a ginger because we are less than 2% of the population Why are we always expect to cherish our stripes fire and embrace our genetic blessings?


All this came to mind on Tuesday when the Internet freaked out redhead Julianne Moore goes blond for a role. Here's what it looks like now from site lacewigsbuy


I think she is beautiful as always, but a writer at Glamour is "not handling well," and the people of the refinery 29 also seem discouraged, saying: "Look, we know that the stars change their hair all the time, and we really need to stop having so many feelings about it (Oh, Emma Stone, how you torture us) - but we do not know how we joined the bright red locks until Moore we have seen in a different shade now that we have gift. "t know how to feel. We will hope that this look was the result of the application of highly skilled wig and that beneath all this blonde , her flaming hair may still exist. "


Sure, they still exist. You cannot escape your true colors, but even if it is, so what? Why is it OK for characters like Rachel McAdams to go from blonde to brown while natural gingers as Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan and even criticized or questioned for taking a break from club ginger?


Perez Hilton, who seems to have an opinion on everything, weighed on the change as follows: "Of course, a beautiful actress made her look good with hair color, but her hair natural light is so magical They should never be diluted! with peroxide! The good news is, the brassy dye job is just for the film and therefore temporary. Well, hopefully anyway! "


Perhaps my least favorite reaction comes from Beth Shapouri brunette Glamour, which gives the impression that Julianne Moore would have had to ask permission first:


"Julianne Moore was snapped on the set of her new movie maps to the stars with her blonde hair. And it makes me hyperventilate ... I just hope she is able to return to this beautiful african american lace front wigs soon. As tomorrow. "


You know what I've spent years about hyperventilation, Beth? Be called "fire crotch", "elf" and "freckle face" by stupid boys. It's not very fun to be reduced to my hair color either, and I'm sure Julianne Moore knows all too well. At the end of the third grade, my teacher bought books for all students, the selection of songs that reminded him of each of our personalities. She gave a guy a copy of the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, a lucky daughter Matilda has a pocket, and I got freckles Juice by Judy Blume, who sent my friends to laugh uncontrollably. For them and apparently my instructor, I was defined by my hair color and appearance. After nine months in the classroom, nothing else around me was on it, and it is quite a disturbing realization for an 8-year-old have.


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