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Guide to Splash Cymbals

by anonymous

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The wide array of cymbals on display at a good drum store can be daunting and baffling to the drummer. There are different cymbal manufacturers that offer massive selection of weights and sizes, types, and its difficult to know where to start, even for experience players. Cymbals are used for expressing the part of the vocal range of the drum set. Cymbals are required for a standard drum kit setup. There are various types of cymbals through which the drum set a full house. The cymbals can be split in few types, such as Ride cymbals, China cymbals, Hi hat, Crash cymbals, Suspended cymbals, Splash cymbals and Sizzle cymbals.

A splash cymbal is a small cymbals that's used for an accent in the drum kit. China cymbals and the splash cymbals are the chief types of the effects cymbals. The splash cymbal sounds great when hit unison with a snare drum. The name splash will give you idea of the sound of the cymbal. A splash cymbal provide a short but highly syncopated accent. The common size of splash has the diameter of 10” , that's followed by 8”. Most of the splash cymbals are in the size range of 6” to 12”, but some of these cymbals are very small as 4”. Nowadays,these cymbals are available till 23”, but a splash cymbal of 15” can be described as the medium thin crash cymbal.

Splash cymbal includes the following types:

    • China splash cymbals


    • Bell cymbals


    • Thin splash cymbals


    • Rock splash cymbals


    • Salsa splash cymbals


    • Traditional splash cymbals


      The traditional and the original splash cymbal are used mainly in jazz music in the 1940's and 50's. For many years, this traditional splash cymbal has not been seen in the mainstream music, however, it has been eventually brought back. The heavier splash cymbal that is the rock cymbals are suitable for the style of drumming and are easily available.

        The splash cymbal also became famous when China splash cymbal became very popular. This added a new dimension to drumming in their own right, which led to the development of the cymbal stacks. The other types of cymbals that are regarded as the splash cymbals, such as the salsa and the bell cymbals have been added to the kits of the well-known drummers and to the catalogs of the cymbal manufacturers. Today, the color of the prolonged drum kit is provided by the broad variety of the available.

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