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Samsung Laptop battery repair method

by onlvyy

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(A) The battery causes of damage
Samsung AA-PB9MC6B Laptop battery use for a long time, it is often sufficient dissatisfaction power, even display the battery has been damaged, the specific expression of the resistance larger increase in the voltage across the charging faster. So easy to charge control circuit is judged to have been full capacity will naturally decline. Relatively large battery internal resistance, discharge voltage drop, high speed, so the system is easily mistaken for the voltage is not enough, the lack of electricity. Found the battery operating time is comparatively short, appropriate measures should be taken.

(B) The battery refresh program to restore the battery discharge time
Brand laptop has a battery refresh program,Samsung AA-PBYN8AB we can use it to repair the battery. Example: a laptop with the battery for the nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries, due to the usual improper charging and discharging lead to battery discharge time is getting short, only less than 5 minutes, if carrying a laptop to work, it is very inconvenient, what can restore the battery discharge time?
The response to these circumstances, we can use the notebook official website launched battery refresh program to refresh the battery, put it Samsung AA-PBAN6AB back in the discharge time, specific methods are as follows.
(1) the use of AC power for laptops, the first official website to download to a laptop refresh program.
(2) Restart the computer, press F8 to enter the boot menu and select safe DOS mode.
(3) to enter the directory where the file you just downloaded,Samsung AA-PBWN4AB perform a battery refresh program, read the warning message, asked to insert a floppy disk, and then press Enter to execute the self-extracting operation.
(4) with this floppy disk to boot the computer screen prompted.
(5) Follow the prompts to unplug the AC power, the program will automatically Ni-Mh battery discharge, discharge is completed, the system will automatically shut down.
(6) due to the high temperature of the battery should not immediately start, let the battery cool for a while, plug in the AC power supply.
(7) to boot the computer with a floppy disk, this file will automatically run the refresh program, and asks the user whether to proceed.
(8) In this case,Samsung AA-PBAN8A the refresh program began battery refresh process back to the DOS prompt A: when the refresh is complete.
(9) Turn off the computer and charge the battery until the light turns green.
(10) The above process is repeated three times to get the best results.

In addition,The replacement samsung laptop battery has been many lithium battery failure is the failure resulted in battery packs in a power-saving core, this phenomenon can not be avoided. Because each cell batteries can not be completely consistent in nature with weakened for a long time after some quality begin to age, while the destruction of the whole (series after) the discharge curve. Interested readers can try to open the battery pack, and the help of the multimeter, you can quickly find the damaged batteries (abnormal voltage). If conditions permit, the replacement under the corresponding parameters of batteries can be qualified product.

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