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General Dentists and Sealants

by advinrosa

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There are wide range of procedures followed by dentists nowadays.

General dentists fishers, IN are primary dental care providers for various dental problems such as cosmetic procedures, crowns, bridges, implants, periodontal disease treatment, oral surgery, restorative care, root canal treatment and many such general procedures. They treat patients of all ages and can in fact treat you and your entire family and take care of your general overall oral health. Dental health is actually crucial to your general health. General dentists fishers, IN takes responsibility for the diagnosis, treatment and coordination of services to include all your oral health needs. Even if there is a need of specialized dental procedure to be performed, your general dentist will recommend and coordinate with other dentists to ensure that you get the appropriate care you need.

Of the hundred and fifty thousand practicing dentists in United States and Canada a large majority of them are general dentists. In many cases general dentists become partners or associates with other general dentists or specialists in a group practice. Senior or experienced general dentists have their own practice. Most general dentists join such senior doctors and associate along with them to learn and practice. While some join government health services and research programs others go for higher education and the defense forces.

Most of the procedures adopted by general dentist are applying dental sealants which consist of applying a plastic material to the affected teeth, for the sole purpose of preventing the tooth from further decay. These plastic sealants are thin coatings applied to the grooves on the chewing surfaces of molars and pre molars to protect them from decay. It is the children who are most affected by this form of tooth decay. Sealants isolate the chewing surfaces from germs and food particles thus preventing them from tooth decay. The common practice is to apply the sealant soon after permanent molars appear in teens at about eleven to thirteen years, thus giving no chance to decay.
Moreover this process is painless and may not warrant repeat visits. Sealants can be applied without drilling or modifying the existing tooth structure. Also the procedure is very brief and easy. First off the tooth is cleaned and a gel is applied on it. After a couple of minutes the tooth is washed and dried. Once this is completed the sealant is painted on the cleaned tooth. The sealant is then hardened forming a tough protective shield against decay.

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