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Enjoy top attractions with cheap flights to Entebbe

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Entebbe is the city that soaks in nature and when opened it will takes the tourist breath away. This place is multi linguistic and multi cultural diverse society. Entebbe offer a relaxed stop over alternative to Kampala on the way to into or out of city by airplane. The atmosphere is very clean, street are safe to travel and old colonial garden and park with lake as back ground make for scenery atmosphere. Entebbe is famous for the Israeli Commando operator on 4th July 1976 when more than hundred Jews were made hostage by the hijacker from Air France. To complicate this matter then the president of Uganda supported the action of hijackers. All the hostages were released after a fierce battle when more than 50 Ugandan troops were killed.

Some travel tips for visitor
If you are looking for an ideal trip to a city you would require an economical flight trip, cost effective accommodation and various dining options which might not cost you heavy on your pocket. If you try to book air flight ticket from Dear flight your entire basic requirements will be fulfilled. Emirates airline offer the cheapest ticket from London to Entebbe Kampala or Air France offer the same in slight higher price. However if you are still looking for cheaper, make plan to go in off season or have multi stop destination flight.

Place of interest in Entebbe
Now it the time to check out the most admired place in the city known all over the world.
The Entebbe wildlife education centre is like a zoo where you can have real time life experience of walking with the animals in the morning times. In the centre of park you can see various animals like Buffalo, Zebra, Ostrich, monkey and many more.

Animal Orphanage Park
This is world famous park where those animals are kept which gets hurt in some accident. However if the animals is sick, orphaned or confiscated from illegal traders, these types of animals are kept. This particular place has been built with some objectives. The objectives of this zoo is

Rescue & rehabilitation of animals
Captive breeding for endangered species
A conservation educational institution

Crowned crane, a national bird
Crowned crane is good looking bird and can be often seen around Uganda. It is natural bird in Uganda and is found in the country’s flag and coat of arms. It is also known as a crested crane locally. It is one meter high and weighs 4 kg. It is particular interesting to see this bird dancing, jumping in the rain.

Lake Victoria
Entebbe is nice city close to the Lake Victoria. The road towards the airport passes through the shore of lake Victoria. This is a beautiful lake with lovely sandy beach shore but be careful not to bath. Calm fresh water carry parasite called Schistosmes which cause a disease called ‘Bihaarzia’.
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