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Ride without Guilt: Paddle Board with an Eco-Conscious Bambo

by bamboosup

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Stand up paddle boarding has become a sensation around the world and for good reason; this water sport is easy to pick up for beginners and extremely fun for individuals of all ages. Stand up paddle boarding, also referred to as SUP, involves a long surf-style board that is made of durable and buoyant materials and a long paddle that can easily guide the board through the water. Stand up paddle boarding can be done on lakes, rivers, or in the ocean and it can also be used for recreation or more strenuous activities like racing. However, it is important to note that different types of SUP boards are recommended for different experience levels and activities.

Most stand up paddle boards are separated into three distinct categories: Racing, touring and all-rounders. Racing boards are as the name implies, touring boards include leisurely paddling in open waters and all-rounders allow the rider to use the board in a variety of circumstances. A stand up paddle Board Company will be able to guide customers to the best choice for their level of experience and activity. In addition to the type of boards, there are also a variety of materials. The most eco-conscious and environmentally friendly material available for SUP boards is bamboo. Bamboo regenerates very quickly and only in a few short years, which makes it ideal in construction of SUP boards. A bamboo SUP is the most environmentally sound choice for individuals that live a green life and do not want to impact the Earth.

Beginners and professional stand up paddle boarders should only work with a reputable stand up paddle board company. One such company that uses the highest quality of materials currently available is Elixir Board Co. Elixir offers paddle boards for racing and touring, as well as all-rounder options.

Julian Morales lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he is a photographer. He often travels and likes to explore new hobbies. Through this exploration, he discovered paddle boarding. He is a leading resource about this new water activity and often writes about Elixir Board Co, which can be found at




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