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Arrive In Style By Renting A Rolls Royce For Your Wedding

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The limousine is often associated with power and affluence and in some circles often lampooned as the personification of conspicuous consumption. You can see it among the power brokers in Wall Street and Capitol Hill and celebrities on the red carpet. Be that as it may, the stretch limo so called because of the lengthened wheelbase also allows the passengers to arrive in style. But here's the secret: even the rich in the Big Apple also seek out a limo rental in New York City because it's not practical to purchase one and use it for everyday errands.

Limo rental business

The limousine business in the United States is huge. According to Pell Research, the market size for limos in the US exceeded $4 billion in 2012. When the study was conducted in the middle of last year, there were more than 4,000 limo service companies with 42,000 employees. And the market is expected to grow further in the next five years, said the same research.

With so many options to choose from, it makes more sense for you to be renting a limousine for your wedding. The drawback about the image of limos as the carriage of the rich is that people often mistake the cost of renting as prohibitive. But it's not as expensive as you may think, considering that competition is driving down prices as limo service companies are trying to edge out each other.

Seats galore

You can rent a Rolls Royce limousine in Brooklyn for just a thousand bucks for three hours and another Lincoln limo which can comfortably accommodate 10 passengers—for your special guests for just around $300. For that amount, you can have for yourself a personal chauffeur who can fetch you from the house and bring you to the church and reception area along with a complimentary champagne bottle.

Guests love the extra room inside and limo rental in New York. It's not uncommon for guests to bring out the alcohol for a spontaneous party inside.   

Arrive in style

For the filthy rich, their garage wouldn't be complete without a Rolls Royce or two. The vehicle has already gone beyond mere function and reached status symbol levels. The Rolls Royce Ghost, for example, retails at a quarter of a million dollars. And the Ghost is considered as the "entry level" for the Rolls Royce model. But you don't have to raise that money when you can hire a Rolls Royce limousine in Brooklyn for your wedding.  

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