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Limousines: luxury transportation for elite people

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Various amenities in a limousine distinguish it from other cars. There are different types of limousines available, choose any that fits your requirements.

                Luxury services are always costly but sometimes the cost of experiencing luxury is worth it. Hiring a limousine from a limo service is one such cost. Don’t you sometimes feel you ought to do something grand on a special occasion that will awe the people around you? Nothing is more extravagant or awe striking as arriving in a limousine. The word limousine originates from a French term which refers to a local area situated in Central France. The term nowadays is popularly used for sedan cars or saloon cars. Limo service is a common sight in airports. However there’s a restriction on the cars allowed for terminal transfer, airport shuttle is used for this purpose. An airport shuttle is a coach or a bus that is used for transportation of luggage and people within the airport. Some airport shuttle buses provide free transfer of passengers to car parking in case the parking lot is distant from the terminal or too large. Limousines usually preoccupy spaces at the parking lot. Limousines are usually stocked with various amenities like:

  • Stereo systems
  • Fiber optics
  • Laser lights
  • Video game boxes
  • Tvs
  • DVDs
  • Hot tubs
  • Sun roofs
  • Fully stocked bars
  • Karaoke machines

Limo service around the world provides different types of limousines such as:

  • Hummer limousines: if you want to take a huge number of people and make a royal entry, why not make it in hummer limousines? This car can accommodate up to 24 people.  
  • Lincoln limousines: These luxury sedans come with full steel extension along with front and rear suspension. They can accommodate up to 16 people. The exterior of these cars resemble the classic stretch limousines.
  • Part bus:  This is an ideal luxury bus unlike an airport shuttle bus that doesn’t come with glossy metallic paint or fully covered steel panels that shield the view of the outside world.  A party bus has a restroom inside and ample space for people to get up and walk around.  
  • Luxury sedan: these luxury executive sedans can easily accommodate three people. It sports a front engine V-8, rear wheel drive and a body- on- frame. They are usually used by business executives for transportation of their clients.
  • Stretch limousines:  The extended version of a sedan car is known as a stretch limousine. They are available in different colors; the color in demand for these cars is pink.
  • SUV limousines: The front of SUV limousine resembles that of a regular SUV that is attached to the extended rear panel. The space and amenities make it a child friendly car.

Choose any limousine from a limo service provider and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. 

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