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Burn Calories the Easiest Ways

by wandagcurry

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You feel going to the gym to workout is just a waste of time and money - but you are in dire necessity of slimming down. You are becoming overweight. Your mom would not stop prodding you about it. So you decided to just do it at home. But the thought of performing exercises tires you already. Here are quick strategies to burn fat (and therefore lose weight) without the regular exercise routines:

Do household chores.

Vacuum clean the carpet to free it from dirt. Sweep and mop the floor. Dust off the furnishings. You see, you have lots of things to accomplish at home and these things are also the tips for shedding pounds without actually doing exercises! Your mom would be very happy to share these chores with you. One more thing, the garden is also waiting for you to be cleaned.

Keep moving.

Never allow an hour to pass without making any movement. If you are on your computer doing work, make an effort to stand up and walk every hour. Do something else; walk to the other workplace to get something important (and not chat) then come back.

Ensure you use your feet always.

Rather than taking your car going to the grocery shop in the area, you can opt for a walk to sweat. When in your place of work, you can go direct to the desk of a co-worker whom you have a concern instead of talking things over the phone. The same goes with climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Squat as you pick something up from the floor.

Don't bend your back to get an object from the surface. You squat. Straighten up your back then bend your knees then get it utilizing your hand. The end result is probably not immediate as you do not always grab something from the floor but this is one sure way to burn fat.

Sip cold water.

When you drink cold water, your body will require the use of more energy to make it warm. This then pave the way for the burning of calories.

Chew bubble gum.

Do you know that by chewing bubblegum you are losing 11 calories per hour? The strategy here, however, is to chomp sugarless gums for 12 minutes and make a goal to achieve 100 chews each minute.

Prevent yourself from doing mindless eating.

Enjoying chips while waiting for your friends to arrive is one good example of mindless eating. Since you are only passing the time, you don't think which one to eat; you grab what is accessible and not what is healthy.

All these activities help to burn calories in your body. However, do not compare the results with that of following strict diet regime and performing really serious workouts in the gym. For your satisfaction, you may match these simple techniques to some easy routines that you can do in the home. For instance, you can climb up and down the stairs, walk around your neighborhood, jog in the neighborhood and others.


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