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Ways to Keep Your Records in One Piece

by rubybadcoe

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Records management is composed of several steps based on the so-called “life cycle” of every record created. Each record that details transactions and other business-related activities needs to have a system to ensure order, and easy retrieval when necessary. When it comes to the storage aspect of records management, you can depend on Williams storage solutions and other similar services to keep your vital documents, hard drives, tapes, or data in one piece through the following ways:

Controlled Environmental Conditions

Temperature and Lighting. Depending on the type of record that has to be stored, the facility will make temperature and light adjustments. For instance, paper records are kept in rooms with a temperature of no more than 20°C, while photographic media, such as colored sheet and cine films, are ideally kept in rooms with temperatures below 5°C. Fluorescent lighting with UV filters and timer controlled switches may also be used.

Ventilation. Air quality can also affect the integrity of records wherein too much dust and humidity can be damaging. Thus, records storage rooms are well-ventilated to ensure that airborne particles are removed from the immediate environment as well as acidic and oxidizing gases. Proper ventilation is one way to prevent pages and film from discoloration or dirt.

Safety and Protection Strategies

Fire and Security. Leading data management companies always make sure that their clients have peace of mind. Therefore, solutions such as Williams storage services, takes pride in their facility that is installed with high-tech smoke detectors, alarms, and sprinkler systems. Even more, unauthorized personnel won't be able to step within the premises thanks to 24-hour surveillance and access control devices in every point of entry and exit.

Containers and Packaging. Other than using fireproof and extremely durable vaults, most records storage facilities additionally use archival quality boxes and acid-free containers for paper records. However, magnetic and optical media (audio tapes, compact discs) are usually kept in sealed, non-magnetizable containers.

Indeed, there's more to keeping records than just placing them in drawers or file cabinets. With the help of a data management company, you'll be able to store and protect your important files and media for decades. For more information, you can visit

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