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Buying Tips from Experts: Get Affordable Vehicles from Trust

by arlynenelms

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If budgetary constraints inhibit you from buying a brand new car, then why not consider a used car? While the used car market developed a bad rap over the years, you can still find several reputable Lansing used car dealerships. That said, car buyers are advised to do their homework if they want to get the best possible used car deals.

For starters, you may want to consult the the Kelley Blue Book (KBB), the leading authority on the market values of brand new and used vehicles. Decide on the type of vehicle you want and check the Blue Book price before heading to any car dealership in L-Town. If you know the market value of the car, you'll have more leverage when it's time for price negotiations.

According to the KBB website, it's equally important to learn about your financing options. While it is acceptable to work out a loan with the dealership, you can also secure a loan from a third-party source, which can sometimes lead to even better deals. As an example, the KBB website says some institutions offer lower interest rates for direct deposits and electronic loan payments.

Buyers generally know what type of car they want even before they go to reliable Lansing used car dealerships. However, Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor for, says it's also important to test your car choice by asking yourself: “Will this car fit into my monthly budget?” Obviously, you don't want to buy a car that you can't afford, so be sure to come up with a feasible monthly budget as a way to narrow down your choices.

The KBB also points out that additional costs such as tax, title, registration, and insurance can add roughly ten percent to the purchase price. For instance, a $30,000 car will cost you, in the long run, $33,000. Keep this in mind when determining your budget so the monthly payments won't overwhelm you.

Buying a used car is a cinch provided you do some thorough research and follow expert advice from reliable sources. For more tips, you can browse through and

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