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SSD, the solid webhosting technique to improve online visibi

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Web hosting is the way to make the clients capable of accessing the website on the internet. Obviously there is always a requirement for better and quicker accessibility. Web hosting providers work effortlessly towards achieving high performance standards. Technical advancements and efficiency improvement are the two focus areas.  Better performance of the websites guarantee better business and therefore, the R&D wings develop new and new technologies to achieve utmost operational efficiency.

Solid State Drive, the strength of technology

Solid state drives, commonly known as SSD are used in web hosting because of many advantages over the traditional HDD technology.

a)      Speed: SSD drives are much faster as compared to the HDD. Faster speed means they speed-up the internet access and shorten the website loading time. Content gets loaded quickly and keeps the user engaged constantly. A better engagement results in better user stickiness. SSD is the most ideal solution in case of less web space requirement. It gives excellent data transfer speed and minimum retrieval time. Studies indicate that the application loading is 60% faster in case of SSD and it is a considerable improvement!

b)      Microchip technology: Microchip is the basic building block of SSD. The information is stored in static microchips and there are no mechanical components. It is stable, reliable and efficient. Conventional HDD are based on mechanical components and hence there are always issues of stability and reliability. Microchips are always much stable than the mechanical heads.

c)       Power efficiency: Since SSD is based on microchip technology; it consumes very less power as compared to HDD. The conventional mechanical parts have much higher energy requirements. In view of the increasing energy bills, it is certainly an important factor. It saves greatly on the UPS and battery backup cost.

d)      Less vulnerability: SSD ensures great insulation from the potential threats of virus attacks, hardware crash and network failures. Therefore, it is the best way to ensure website availability and reliability. Higher uptime is always desired in case of web hosting to achieve high customer rating. The secure the website is, the lesser are the chances of downtime.

e)      Ideal for busy websites: SSD is the ideal technical platform for websites with heavy traffic and high transaction count. If the website contains huge number of web pages, links and images and there are a lot of online transactions, then it is better to use SSD instead of HDD. A busy website demands extensive server throughput and it can be possible by using SSD only.

SSD is becoming the buzzword for web hosting providers where the clients need high efficiency and speed. The competitive world demands high performance and customer satisfaction to get further business. Web hosting provider is forced to offer very high performance tools and techniques because of the market pressure. Clients will check the rates from multiple service providers and select the most economical one. It renders great pressure on the providers. Techniques like SSD are good way to do it optimally.

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