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Fast Recovery through Water Restoration

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Water problems are common. Almost all households must have already experienced pipe leaks, clogged gutters and downspouts and heavy flooding due to severe weather conditions. In these situations, how you react make the big difference in the damage that your property will incur. The sooner you take care of the problem, the better the results because when it comes to water intrusion, time is of the essence.

When your home has recently suffered from flooding, whether a minor or major one, it is important to stabilize the structure for faster drying. Open windows and doors if possible to let the air circulate freely.

Use fans if available and there is a power source that you can use. If you can get a moisture meter, use it to monitor the moisture level in your home until it is back to normal. You need to stabilize the environment so the recovery of wet items can be faster and more efficient. When moisture level is back to normal, you can start cleaning the affected areas. If it is taking a longer time to stabilize the environment, find a stabilized area outside the house so you can take the wet items there to air dry.

Inform your insurance company of the situation so you can get instructions on how to proceed. Assess the damage to your property and hire a water restoration professional crew to help you get back on your feet again. Choose one that is nearby so the crew can reach your place in a matter of minutes. They can remove standing water faster and clean and disinfect the affected property to avoid contamination and prevent further damage.

Dealing with water damage can be overwhelming. Pay special attention to items that are highly porous because those can disintegrate faster than non-porous items. Discuss with the cleanup crew the next steps after water removal so you are informed on what they are doing.

You can also discuss restoration methods so you can assess if the items are worth saving or lessen the costs if you just buy new ones. Some items like paper documents or old books may be expensive to restore so it is important to know beforehand your water restoration options. 

A home that has recently suffered from heavy flooding must be inspected thoroughly especially for structural defects. If the inspectors found anything, have them fixed right away. Gas, water and electric supply lines must be checked for defects to ensure the safety of the occupants.

If your home was under water for more than 48 hours, you must have it inspected for mold growth as well. It is an overwhelming experience but with professional help you can go through all these without getting stressed out. Professional restorers are trained for the job and if you just let them lead you, you can recover faster that you expected.

After your home has been restored, you can help prevent future water problems by becoming aware of the signs of water damage and putting preventive measures in place. Some of the changes that you can do are:

  • Add ventilation by installing fans in moisture prone areas.
  • Install an automatic sump pump in the basement and have a standby power source in case electricity shuts down due to storms or inclement weather.
  • Keeping your home clean and dry at all times.

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