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Work with a Professional to Choose the Proper Light Fixtures

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While every building is designed differently, it makes it difficult to choose the proper fixture to put on a ceiling to light up a gym or a tennis court.  A tennis court light should be able to provide plenty of bright light while not blinding any of the players or the fans.  The ceiling type can help determine what the best type of fixture will be for lights for tennis courts.

Many of the best fixtures will be spaced evenly across a ceiling to provide even light to every place on the court.  Some of them need to hang down off of the ceiling while others will be mounted right on the ceiling.  Because there are many options for ceilings, the decision will usually get based on what kinds can be used with certain types of ceilings.

Energy efficiency is going to be important when running that many fixtures at one time.  There is a large area that is getting lit up so choosing the wrong fixture, could mean that the energy bills will be higher.  There are choices of fluorescent or LED and both can be very good energy efficient ones.

The LED lights tend to last quite a bit longer and many are more durable than fluorescent.  They will not have the flickering like fluorescent has.  Another advantage of the LED is that they do not have to be a certain temperature in order to turn on like many of the fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent bulbs will need to get replaced more often also.  This can mean more maintenance costs for the facility.  When looking at cost, it will be important to determine every cost, not just the energy bill and replacement of the fixture.

Whether the ceiling is flat or rounded across, there will be a fixture available that will work for it.  A professional can let the facility manager know what their options are so that a decision can be made.  There will be a lot of details that are given out but some of them may be hard to understand.

Whether someone needs to choose between indoor and outdoor fixtures, they will have to understand as much as they can about them.  Anything that is unclear should be researched or questions should be asked.  Choosing between direct and indirect can be a big decision too.

Whatever fixtures are going to be replacing the old ones, it will be important to ensure that the players will have plenty of light so that they are able to see where the ball is at during the entire game.  It does not matter if someone is practicing or playing a tournament, they need be able to see what is going on.  Players can get easily frustrated when the court is not lit properly.

Some players will not even play on a poor lit court.  Tennis lighting is very important.  There are many options that are available and each one will have a different benefit that is offered.  Picking just one can often be difficult but whatever the choice, the players will be provided with a well-lit court to play on.

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