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How to Buy Big and Tall T-shirts Online and Get a Fit that L

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Make Sure That the Big and Tall T-shirts You Buy Online Fit

                Now that so many retailers are selling big and tall t-shirts online it is so much easier to shop right? This is for the most part true, especially if you are a guy who has a larger build and can’t find the sizes you need in your area. However, if you are shopping online for big and tall t-shirts, it is always helpful to know some of the size lingo and what it means - so that when you get your t-shirts delivered they will fit you right. That being said, here are some general terms to know with regards to sizing terms and what they mean, before you order your big and tall t-shirts online:

                1. Big: The term ‘big’ can be very misleading when it come to t-shirts. So if you find ‘big t-shirts’ on line it can mean almost anything. These kinds of t-shirts are generally plus sizes and come in sizes like 2XL and go as high as 12XL. However, there isn’t any real meaning to these sizes except that they are bigger all around. What the term ‘big’ does not mean, however, is that these shirt are any longer than regular t-shirts. So you may order a 10XL t-shirt thinking that you will get a t-shirt that is longer as well as wider, and this may not be the case. Instead, you may just get a t-shirt that will fit someone who is short and extremely obese.

                2.Slim and Tall: Now you are getting a bit more defined with this term as it closer to being a t-shirt that has more of a fit to it instead of just looking like a circus tent. So if you are a guy who is tall and on the skinnier side - who is just looking for a t-shirt that he can tuck into his pants - then this is a shirt that will fit you better. Many of these shirts will be still come in sizes like small, medium, large, and extra large for your chest size. The difference with these tall t-shirts however, is that they all should have a 36” inch length regardless of the chest size. The 36’ inch length is measured from the nape of the neckline (the back of the collar) to the bottom of the t-shirt. So even if you have a small size chest and waist, you can still get a t-shirt that is long enough to tuck into your pants, but not so wide that it looks ridiculous on you. 

                3. Big and Tall: Big and tall t-shirts are for guys who are obviously both big and tall in stature. Big and tall t-shirts are measured in two ways: in the chest and in the length. These t-shirts are a more exact kind of fit. This is because a big and tall man is not necessarily overweight, just bigger in stature. The thing with big and tall t-shirts is to make sure that you get both a length and width before you buy them so that they fit right.  

                4. Urban Tall: Urban tall t-shirts are not really big and tall t-shirts but are made for hip-hop kids and come down below the knee as a fashion statement. So don’t get confused and buy urban tall sizes because you live in a big city or you will get t-shirts in the mail that you will not be able to wear.

                If you are still confused about big and tall t-shirts, there should be a customer service number on the website that is selling the t-shirts that you can call if you really like a t-shirt but aren’t sure if it will fit.

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