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Mellow Mushroom: Great Pizza in Downtown Savannah

by arcadiaseo

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<p>As tourists and travelers move through the storied streets of <a href="">Savannah</a>, they will likely be looking for an elegant restaurant in which to enjoy a family dinner. We prefer <a href="">Mellow Mushroom Pizza</a>, a downhome establishment that offers homemade pies that will warm the heart and soothe the soul. The pizzeria serves pizzas, hoagies, calzones, and salads that will satisfy even the largest appetites. If you’ve just spent the day exploring <a href="">Fort Jackson</a>, <a href="">Fort Pulaski</a>, or the <a href="">Savannah Historic District</a>, you can slide into a booth at Mellow Mushroom for a richly deserved dinner.</p>
<h3>Mellow Mushroom</h3>
<p>The Beer Club is one of the standout features of the restaurant. As you flit between one beer and the next, you can also earn rewards points as you go along. The pizzeria has long partnered with local and regional breweries, which means that customers will be supporting the local economy when they sit down for a cold beer. Children who are well under the drinking age should feel perfectly delighted with the eatery’s vast selection of classic sodas. With a cold drink in one hand and a masterfully cooked slice of pizza in the other, you’ll surely be pleased that you’ve <a href="">come to Savannah</a> for a bit of true <a href="">Southern hospitality</a>.</p>
<p>The pizza itself is out of this world. We recommend the house special which is brimming with gooey mozzarella cheese, ham, smoked bacon, sausage, and a variety of juicy vegetables. Vegetarian and Mediterranean options are likewise available. Mellow Mushroom also offers catering options to business owners who would like to surprise their employees with a well-earned lunchtime treat. If you are making your <a href="">first trip to Savannah</a>, however, you should make it a point to eat inside the establishment. We especially love the unique artwork which adds character to a pizzeria that is already bursting with color, warmth, and culinary passion.</p>
<h3>Great Pizza in Downtown Savannah</h3>
<p>If tourists are ultimately looking for <a href="">pizza in downtown Savannah</a>, they will no doubt want to have at least one meal at <a href="">Mellow Mushroom Pizza</a>. As a further incentive, the pizzeria sells all kinds of merchandise that will appeal to younger crowds. Shirts and hats are both popular, but we also recommend the neon wall clocks which would not be out of place at a mid-1970s Pink Floyd concert. You should have plenty of time to visit the restaurant for both lunch and dinner. All ages are welcome. Though the merchandise is unique and fun, the pizza itself is a marvel.</p>
<p>Whenever our stomachs here at Southern Belle <a href="">Vacation Rentals</a> are grumbling for <a href="">pizza in downtown Savannah</a>, the choice is easy. Peeking out from a bustling area on Liberty Street, <a href="">Mellow Mushroom</a> is located near pubs, bookstores, and shops. Having finished your meal at the pizzeria, you can head on down the street for a closer look at <a href="">Savannah</a>. Whenever another pizza craving comes crashing down upon you you’ll know exactly where to go to send those faithful taste buds roaring to life.</p>


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