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How Biosimilars are Different from Generic drugs?

by GoodWinBio

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Big Pharmaceutical Majors are now backing with a bang. After losing a considerable market share to leading Generic Drug Manufacturers, the most prominent drug manufacturer are now concentrating on technologies which can help them regain their lost share. Some of the drug manufacturing technologies on which they are working will help them offer path breaking and highly effective drugs at most competitive price. Apart from that, it will also help them significantly reduce their research and development price and other associated expenditures. Biologics is one of those technologies, which has showcased a huge potential and worth for the future.

What is so special About Biologics?

Biologics is a technology using which medicines can be developed and manufactured using the cells of the human body itself. In the complete process, no chemical reaction is required. This means, that the technology is both innovative and sophisticated and according to some agencies and experts it would be very tough for the generic drug manufacturer to copy both the technology and the medicines developed using it.

Will Biologics be Fruitful in Future?

The prime objective of introducing biologics was not to lead the pharmaceutical industry into future. But, it is quite sure that the technology that followed it was far more superior and effective in every possible manner. This advanced and future oriented drug manufacturing technology is known as Biosimilars. Although, it sounds similar, but the later technology is far more superior, complex and effective to their predecessor and it is going to play a very important role in the future of this industry.

Why the Future is Difficult for Generic Drug Manufacturer?

Future is certainly going to get quite difficult for the generic drug manufacturing industry. The only reason behind this is the change in drug manufacturing technology. Till now every generic drug manufacturer has to win approval of marketing and selling their pharmaceutical products. For this they used to copy and implement, with a little change, the entire drug manufacturing process adopted by the leading pharmaceutical firms. This way without investing a significant amount on the Mammalian Expression Systems they used to get the opportunity to sell their products. This is the reason, despite selling their products at quite a cheap rate, these agencies used to make a significant amount of profit. However, such Monoclonal Antibody production is no more possible. The leading pharmaceutical agencies are now gearing up for a fierce fight with the generic drugs manufacturers. They have hired the best legal experts, devised a completely new way of developing Monoclonal Antibody and are trying to make the customers more aware about the ill effects of generic drugs.


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