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Emerald Knight Bamboo Plantations

by sabrinagarza

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The demand for lumber continues to increase due to the need for wood to put up residential and industrial infrastructure. The world’s growing population keeps the demand high, as lumber is among the basic materials for building dwellings and furniture. This need poses a threat to the environment as natural wildlife habitats become deforested to meet the demand, thus upsetting the ecological balance.

To restore deforested areas, produce more lumber, and generate profit while they’re at it, businesses could choose to get involved in socially responsible investments, such as Emerald Knight Bamboo plantation project. Bamboo is a great plant for reforestation and is a great solution to address the ever-growing demand for lumber.


The hollow-stemmed bamboo is actually a part of the grass family. It is the fastest growing land plant, able to reach its full length within one to two years. While still young, bamboo stalks are soft, tender, and highly nutritious, making them the giant panda's favorite meal. As the plant grows, the trunk gets as hard as light steel. It can also grow in different climates and types of soil.

Bamboo can be used in many ways. In Asian cuisine, it is a valued food ingredient. Plantations bring money in for the agricultural sector; the crop is grown, harvested, and used in construction, fabric-making, and an endless variety of other industries. Bamboo forests are also a great carbon sequester, with the capability of removing a great deal of carbon pollution in the atmosphere.


Rain forests are dwindling rapidly, and research has shown that they could completely vanish within the next century. This poses a great problem as forests not only act as a habitat for millions of animals, but prevent erosion and landslides, as well. Forests are cut down for many reasons: the need for more lumber; to make space for agricultural, commercial or residential areas; and to make roads to access deeper forests. Although bamboo may not be the same type of plant that many species depend on, cultivating rapidly-growing bamboo could offset the demand for lumber while helping to restore denuded first-growth forests.

Bamboo plantation projects marketed by Emerald Knight Consultants could help win the battle against greenhouse gases and deforestation. Explore more on the benefits of bamboo through the following links: and

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