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Why Should You Migrate to Filemaker Database Applications?

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With the choice of operating system, web browser, and devices varying from one user to another, it has become essential for applications to seamlessly integrate information stored on different data sources. Also, many organizations explore advanced options to manage and share important information with the members of their distributed teams. Many developers also love to make cross-platform database applications to meet the constantly changing user expectations.

As a 100% cross-platform database, Filemaker offers you a huge amount of flexibility in comparison to the conventional non-web-based database platforms. You can also use the graphical platform to design customized interface to suit the specific requirements of your client. At the same time, a developer also has option to use his interface design skills to make the application appear like a program that he uses on a regular basis.

Similar to Foxpro and Microsoft Access, Filemaker also enables you to access data from various sources, and display the information on the screen as reports and layouts. However, in comparison to other database platforms, Filemaker allows you to retrieve, store and organize a huge amount of data through a user interface. If you are yet to migrate to Filemaker database applications, it is time to concentrate on some of its key features and advantages.

Why Migrate to Filemaker Database Applications

  • 100% Cross-Platform: Many developers use Filemaker in combination with other programming languages to build powerful data processing applications. Further, Filemaker is a 100% cross-platform relational database engine that runs on both Windows and Mac OS in an exact and same way. So you database application can seamlessly store, mange and access information, regardless of the platform.

  • Supports Multiple Users: Most organizations look for databases that can be accessed by all their employees at a time. With Filemaker you can easily allow you team members to access information simultaneously from their individual workstations. At the same time, they can also easily make changes to the data stored on their system. Whenever someone edits or updates the data, the changes will reflect immediately on each workstation. So the members of a distributed team can easily access the updated information to take more relevant decisions.

  • Built-in Remote Access Feature: Nowadays, many companies outsource projects to avail certain benefits. If your team members are working in an environment, you can easily enable them to stay connected using Filemaker pro. The built-in remote access options will make it convenient for the team members to stay connected to your company database regardless of their current location and time-zone.

  • Instant Online Publication of Your Database: Most users prefer accessing their database on web browsers. Filemaker development has made it easier for users to access their databases on any web browser without putting any extra time and effort. With a single click, you can publish your database to the web. At the same time, you can further add custom programming to transform your database into a fully-interactive web-based interface that can be accessed by your employees and customers. You can further use the feature to create a variety of customer feedback forms, registration sites and surveys without writing any extra programming.

  • Options to Generate a Variety of Reports: Each organization has to generate a variety of reports to convey important information to employees, management and clients. Along with using the updated and most relevant information, the reports also need to present the data in a stylish and eye-catchy way. With the step-by-step reporting tools provided by Filemaker, you can use powerful and appealing reports, and use these to manage and automate several tasks. The feature further enables you to share the reports in widely used file formats like PDF and Excel.

  • Access Your Database on iPhone and iPad: Most companies allow employees to access corporate resources on their smartphones. So you will surely expect your database to be compatible with major mobile operating systems. Along with Windows and Mac OS, Filemaker is also compatible with iPad and iPhone. As these devices are widely used by people, you can enable you staff to access and manage your database on the go. Further, you have options to safely share the Filemaker database over a network consisting of Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad users.

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