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Choosing and Working with Software Testing Companies

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With software becoming more predominant in our everyday lives, most industries and companies are either software companies that produce software or use software as a key element of their value proposition. These companies, especially over the last 3-4 years, have been striving to cut costs and have and been learning how to do more, and make more, with less people and other resources. Hence, the unemployment rate is still high (or at least not low) while earnings have increased. Many of these companies have software development organizations and as always, each organization faces the question of what activities can done internally or externally. Cost savings is often one of the most important factors in answering this question. In that light, one of the parts of the development lifecycle that is typically outsourced is software testing. Hence, there are many companies that provide software testing, as well as specialized software testing companies such as XBOSoft.

When looking at software testing companies, there are two ways to approach cost savings:

  1. The costs of activities that are perceived necessary but can be done CHEAPER somewhere else as when you would contract someone to run your cafeteria.

  2. The costs of activities that are perceived necessary but can be done BETTER somewhere else as when you hire a tax accountant to do your taxes.


For Number 1, the general assumption is that software testing companies often located in Eastern Europe, China, and India are cheaper than what you can find at home, or that they have access to tools that are often too expensive to buy in-house.


For Number 2, costs can also be lower when you factor in the costs of acquiring and maintaining the specialized skill set as the workload for the specialized skills may not justify having full time resources.

Given these two approaches to saving costs with outsourcing to software testing companies, software testing consists of a combination of work that can be done CHEAPER externally (near-shore or offshore) combined with using a dedicated testing facility where complex work can also be done BETTER by experts who test software for a living.


The benefit of working with specialized software testing companies like XBOSoft is that we can provide both. XBOSoft is solely dedicated to software quality. We can help you with time consuming software testing activities from our dedicated testing facilities and improve your software quality with specialized onsite software testing services served from our offices in Europe or the USA.

Benefits of working with a dedicated software testing company like XBOSoft include:


  • Deep domain, technology and testing experience – Our testers test all day. That is all they do, and we have verticals that each tester specialized in so that they accumulate domain expertise.

  • Availability of and knowledge of working with specialized Testing Tools – Sometimes testing tools are not as easy as the vendor made it out to be. That’s where our specialization comes in as we have and use a variety of tools for our client base.

  • Ability to expand and complement your team with specialized software testing service – Our testers not only have domain specialties but also technology and testing specialties, so there’s no need for you to hire an automation test engineer when we’ve got one on tap.




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