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Off the Beaten Path in Xian

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1. Xian City Wall

Xian City Wall, square-shaped, is located in the downtown of Xian (starting city for Silk Road travel), 12 meters in width, 18 meters in the bottom-width and 15 meters in top-width. Xian city is enclosed by walls in four directions, which protects this ancient city solemnly. The east wall stretches 2590 meters long, west wall, 2631.2 meters, south wall, 3441.6 meters, and north wall, 3241 meters, with 13.7 kilometers in circumference. There are four gates equipped into the wall, namely Changle gate in east, Anding gate in west, Yongning gate in south and Anyuan gate in north.

The Xian City Wall was built under the administration of Zhu Yuanzhang emperor Ming Dynasty and was renovated in the following dynasties, which enjoys a history of more than 600 years and is the most complete city wall presently preserved in China. On each city gate, three gate towers named Zhenglou, Jianlou and Zhaloun respectively are equipped. Among the three, Zhalou, opposite to Zhenglou, stands the most outside, where the suspension bridge could be raised or lowered. On Jianlou, a small square-shaped window, is equipped both in front and beside, which is the main place for archery. Zhenglou stands inner most, which is the main entrance to the city. Jianlou and Zhenglou Towers are connected by city walls and the area squeezed between walls is called 'Wong Cheng', which is mainly used to station soldiers. In Wong Cheng, slope horse paths leading to the entry of city are also built for horse-passing.

In the Xian City Wall (must-see in Xian for your top China tours), such essential military facilities as moat, drawbridges sluice gate towers, turret, ramparts and crenels, are all adequately equipped. Xian City Wall, together with time-weather moat and surrounding Huancheng Park, has now become one of must-sees in Xian, which appeals numerous travel-lovers to pay a visit annually.

2. Mount Hua

Mount. Hua, also known as Taihua Mountain, is located in south of Huayin county, Shaanxi province China, about 120 kilometers (75 mi) east of Xi'an. It is one of China's Five Great Mountains, together with Mount. Tai in Shandong province, Hengshan Mountain in Hubei province, Hengshan Mountain in Shanxi province, and Songshan Mountain in Henan province. Mount. Hua is world-known for its steep slope and precipitous cliffs, whose height is only second to Hengshan Mountain among the Five Great Mountains. Mount. Hua is composed of five main peaks, namely, Yuntai peak is north, Chaoyang peak in east, Luoyan peak in south, Lotus peak in west and Yunv peak in the middle, among which the highest is the South Peak at 2,154.9 meters (7,070 ft).

Weather on Mount. Hua is quite changeable, which offers the breathtaking scenery of cloud-casted Mount. Hua, rain-showered, fog-veiled and snow-capped Mount. Hua. If viewing the Mount. Hua in the in special weather, visitors may have an illusion that they are just indulging in the fairyland. Besides, Mount. Hua is also one the nine best places to watch sunrise in China. On Mount. Hua, Chaoyang stage on Chaoyang Peak is the best place to watch sunrise to color your China travel deals.

Moun. Hua is also the major Taoist resort in China and there are many famous Taoists. Now, Mount. Hua hosts 72 half-suspended caves and 20-plus of them are Taoist temples, among which Yuquan Temple, Dongdao Temple and Zhenyue Hall are national protected temples. Emperors in the past dynasties made pilgrimages on Mount. Hua and makes Mount. Hua the holy land of Taoism.

Climbing the Mount. Hua is a highly favored activity for adventure-lovers. Mount. Hua is home to many steep paths leading to the summit and hanging foot-wide plank walkways fastened to a sheer rock with only a chain to support. The route continues with a vertical ladder built along the perilous cliffs. Standing on the summit of the mountain, visitors could capture a panoramic view of this great mountain. Come to Mount. Hua and discover why so many people want to conquer it despite of fatigue and long journey.

If you visit Xian, the above two attractions are must-sees for your popular China tour package.

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