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Dedicated and cloud based web hosting solutions to assist yo

by Earthlink1

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People who use the internet for business purposes need to have a strong presence online. The best option for this is by having a website as it makes your product reachable. Even with websites, a hosting service is required to keep it functional. Various webhosting options are available nowadays such as dedicated servers, cloud hosting, virtual private server and shared server. The type of services that suit your business depend upon your commercial needs but cloud and dedicated servers based web hosting has taken the mainstream today. Both of them offer immense computing power, redundancy and maximum uptime.

Dedicated Hosting

In this type of service the whole server is reserved for a particular website. Therefore users have absolute autonomy over utilizing it. You can customize it according to your business needs and expectations. Dedicated server web hosting offers a built in processor, hard drives, RAM and bandwidth capabilities with onsite technical support. If you use these dedicated servers then there would not be issues such as overloading. It arises due to over usage of the server by too many websites and their applications. It makes the loading of your web pages slower which in turns affects your website’s efficiency. Moreover the service and maintenance of hardware is taken care by the services provider. This saves a lot of your time and money. This type of hosting is more suited for big businesses as it leads to optimum use of storage and bandwidth in a cost-effective way.

Cloud Hosting

As the name suggests, cloud servers offers a virtual environment while maintaining your website. In these types of servers your website is hosted from different servers located across various geographical locations. So even if the services of one of the servers fail your website will work efficiently. Therefore it offers a good redundancy. Usually internet users access more than one site at a time. So it is required that your website opens up quickly. Managed cloud servers ensure that that your webpage loads up fast. Fast, quick and easily accessible content assists in making your product a hit globally. It is easy to use and utilizes minimum hardware. This reduces you’re your hardware related expenses.

As the case may be i.e. whether you opt for dedicated or cloud based hosting services make sure that your provider offers you a 24/7 support, server backup and maintenance facilities.

Earthlink is a leading internet services provider. It offers managed cloud servers based and dedicated server web hosting services.

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