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Things to Know before a DIY Car Stereo Installation

by nancygray101

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Most say that men love their cars more they love their women. However, gender biases aside, I believe we can all agree that a person can’t help but fall in love--heck, be obsessed--when he or she finally gets his or her own car. We want to take care of it when it has problems with the ignition or with the brake. We want to make improvements all the time--from the car’s paint job to its accessories. Some are even willing to take on a DIY car stereo installation VA. Of course, they have to have a background in car mechanics to get this job right--or at least, get someone to monitor and supervise their attempt at radio installation.

There are two obvious reasons why you want to change your car stereo. It is either your former car stereo is damaged or you are just want to exchange it for a particular brand of your liking. Either way, be sure that you get a good quality car stereo system. You can inquire at your local car repair / installation company about the recent audio systems that are out in the market. You can also make a query online. If you do so, note that you have to be specific with your inquiry. You know that you have to be extra careful with the Internet.

Once you have removed your former car stereo, make sure that the dash wire harness is in good condition. If possible, have it checked with a car specialist before you proceed. You have one important thing to take note here. There are different car stereo designs among auto makers. You have to make sure that the design you have chosen is compatible with your stereo’s wiring configurations. Of course, there are standard radios that only have two wiring configurations: the floating ground wiring and the common ground wiring.

However, there are upgraded cars that coincidentally have premium stereos. This is a problem for car parts installers because premium designs have complex wiring configurations. If your car’s audio system turns out to be of premium design, installing a new stereo will be quite a difficulty. A few examples of these premium stereo systems are Bose, Fender, and Beats Audio--the latter two having recent developments in 2013. But if your car’s audio system is really of premium design, then there is no need for you to change it into something else because these systems already have the finest quality. The only sensible reason for you to do so is when the system is damaged.

I believe you will have to leave it to expert modern car parts installers if you are indeed in this predicament. However, if your stereo’s wiring configuration turns out to be a standard design, then you can manage the car stereo installation VA on your own. If you are paranoid and are still doubtful to do it yourself, there are dozens of useful DIYs online showing car owners how to install the stereo and how to connect the wirings the right way.

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