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‘Shahram Shahramian’- the personality behind learning curren

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The following Press Release is composed to help readers get notified about a prominent professional through his reputed website that proves useful in learning about current news.

With the increasing crime, political affairs and entertainments going on across the globe, it is very important that you remain updated about all the information. In fact, this is the reason behind the emergence of thousands of news sources in various countries. The sources specialize in various fields and manners. However, there lies two requirements of every viewer- receive the details in an accurate and presentable manner.

These are usually the two needs of every individual in acquiring information, especially from a television. While if you have no time to watch a television or read a newspaper, then it is our website that you must actually visit. Yes, ‘Shahram Shahramian’ is the destination for all those individuals willing to learn about the world’s affairs in an accurate and presentable manner. The name of our website is based on the personality of the same name as our website, who is a News Director of the channel, TEN TV.

Shahram Shahramian is also the Primary Anchor of TEN TV and has various news programs and talk shows to show its viewers over the website. He has vast knowledge in this industry along with the daily events in many parts of the world. In fact, his many years of experience in the field also prove his credibility to remain in such a reputed position.

On visiting our website, you will come across a range of videos that will help you learn about several famous personalities in an interesting way. You can also have a watch on the videos of his famous talk show named ‘News and Comments’ that is shown on air every night in TEN TV at 7pm as well as 10pm. Here are a few of the important links to help you have a glance towards the interviews-

  1. NEWS and Comments April 02 /2013
  2. NEWS and Comments Jan 04/2013
  3. NEWS and Comments Dec 28/2012
  4. NEWS and Comments Dec 27/2012
  5. NEWS and Comments Dec 21/2012
  6. NEWS and Comments Dec 20/2012
  7. NEWS and Comments Dec 19/2012

So, contact us immediately over the mail or number 647-938-7328 for any assistance. You can also visit us on our website

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