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N95 Masks : The Masks That Put Safety First

by ViyenJhon

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The N95 Masks are a class of disposable respirators that have been used to prevent the spread of contagious diseases like H1N1 virus and swine flu. These masks have been approved by the FDA as suitable for use where resistance is priority. The rating of these masks is to a minimum of 95% efficiency and suitable for use in clinical settings when the efficiency rating against particles of 0.3 microns or larger. The way to prevent flu is to get vaccinated but however when you cover your mouth or wash your hands, this helps against the germs spreading in infections like flu. The Mask n95 is designed scientifically and proves to be highly functional during such diseases. The masks come in various sizes along with the comfort of an inner shell so it is very comfortable for the wearer and very user friendly. The N95 mask is highly recommended by health care officials and is considered to be best preventative method against air borne diseases like the swine flu. Thus you can prevent those harmful particles spread especially due to coughing and sneezing.

An individual should be clean shaven and get the mask fitted correctly for maximum effectiveness. It is a great preventative tool and good for personal hygiene. The N95 mask will set to free from panic and fear when there is an onset of any epidemic. It is very popular in the health and medical field. Diseases normally spread through the mouth, to use of these face masks becomes imperative in hospitals and other public places when there is an outbreak of infectious diseases like swine flu or the H1N1 virus.

The 3M 6000 respirators have great filtering technology, and is light weight making it comfortable for the wearer. It has been designed to incorporate safer and better use to give you relief during spread of disease. It is available in various sizes and has a comfortable nose clip that offers ultimate comfort to the user to wear for long periods of time. The 3M 6000 respirators are for ultimate safety and hygiene. It offers great filtration from very harmful particles, especially those that can spread by coughing and sneezing in public places. There is a firm grip because of the strap that is welded and the adjustable nose clip.

The custom fit and a secure seal make it suitable for workplace applications like grinding, sweeping and other dusty operations. The 3M 6000 respirator is low maintenance respirator that offers convenience and comfort to the user for easier breathing. It directs exhaled breath and moisture downwards and also allows for quick cleaning. The exhalation valve helps to reduce the heat and moisture and provides cool comfort. It has a wide field of vision that help in providing integrated optical correction limits and has high impact rated polycarbonate visor for excellent visibility. It soft silicone faces seal enhances comfort and durability. Respirators are available in three sizes small medium and large to fit many faces. The 3M 6000 respirator can be used with a variety of gas and vapour and offer filters for reliable protection against certain non oil based particles. For a protective shield and personal hygiene and safety these masks are imperative.

Viyen Jhon is USA Author. He provides national distributor and online supercenter of safety supplies,janitorial supplies and shop and warehouse equipment.He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of Mask n95 and 3M 6000 respirators.

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