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After-Hours Fun With House Hold Stuffs!

by adultmart

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You don’t always have to rely on those expensive sex toys to kink up your sex life. If you get a little bit imaginative you will understand that you by now have ample of naughty stuffs lying around your house. Try these saucy stuffs and you will never ever look at these things in the same manner again!!  Yes, long before the adult stores were established, people throughout history have been creating homemade sex toys. 


ELECTRIC TOOTH BRUSHES- Believe me these are great little vibrators. You can also use Fusion razor which has a vibrating handle. It vibrates really fast and is superb. The only way you could end up hurting yourself is if you do it a lot that you get sores...However if you take a break for day or two from using it you will be back to usual and ready to go all over again!

SPOONS- Cool spoons made up of metal in the deep fridge for a couple of hours and then move them smoothly over each other’s skin. Put them over his lips, pull them down his neck and across his abs and nipples, twirl them over his both thighs and yes genitals of course!!! Am sure you will drive him crazy.

GO ALL VEGGIES- Cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, celery, radish, leeks. All of these will do. Just make sure you wash it off thoroughly and wrap it with a condom before using it. You will find hell many cool G-spot cucumbers whilst shopping in the super market. Bonus? U get to use it later to make a satisfying salad for yourself!!

BANANA PEELS- Put a banana peel on your dick and take hold of your dick just like you do while masturbating for the first time. It slides all over and is way too hot. Its surprisingly clean and has a nice feel to it. I would suggest every guy to try it at least once. You’ll fall in love with it.

VACCUM CLEANER- This comes as a twist to house cleaning. Use a tube which is used to wrap paper and glide it over your cock and attach the other ending of the tube to the vacuum hose. Now turn the vacuum on and try the common jack off technique. The pressure of the vacuum will give a sort of pumping feeling as if someone is sucking your cock.

TOOLS- Employ common sense while selecting which end to thrust into yourself. Grab a hammer, bit driver, rake, file, wrench, shovel, spade, screw driver to aid in unblocking your pipes.

BOTTLES- Beer wine or vodka; if you want to use these in your privates, I suggest using the thinner end. Glass should be avoided for reasons that are obvious. Plastic bottles are great, as are those tiny containers packed with water you get on the base of store bought flowers.

LONG THIN ITEMS - hand-held mirror broomstick, Sharpie marker, candle, glue stick, curling iron, hairbrush handle, rolling pin, and a turkey baster can all be included in your after-hours fun!

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