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Importance to Repair GE MRI Parts

by directmedparts

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DirectMed Parts has more than 20 years of experience to repair MRI machines and its parts. Beside of this, it also offers coil repair service on different MRI as well as CT system.


Before 1970, there wasn’t any perfect method for brain imaging. After that a CT scan (Computed Tomography) invented and this technology beat around the target. In 1980, a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan available that surprised the whole Medical Field by imaging a brain in a totally new way.  MRI also focuses on water-molecules. Basically, MRI test utilizes the radio wave pulses energy and magnetic field for the creating images of different organs as well as a structure of internal body parts. It can easily create the 3-D images or flat images of body parts. If anyone is suffering from the musculoskeletal injury or have disease that is affecting musculoskeletal system at that time orthopedic utilizes MRI to diagnosis injury or check out progression of disease. Basically, GE MRI Parts are using powerful magnets to notice different variation in bones and tissues without any surgery.


Basically, GE Coils are specifically designed to get the diagnosis images of the entire human body including lumbar, thoracic and cervical. Besides of GE, many other companies are producing coils including Philips MRI Coil. The main aim of coil is to transmit energy and also receive signals during process of MRI Scan. Many Hospitals and Healthcare Centers have their own medical tools but some take them on a rent. All these medical equipments are very expensive. After purchasing health care equipments, it is very necessary to maintain them and repair them regularly. It is also very necessary to repair GE MRI parts on a regular basis.


These days, many companies are offering different types of services for vary medical tools. And for that it is an essential to have many years of experience. Without any years of experience, it is quite difficult to get success in MRI coil repair. Many companies have high-tech test equipment facilities and also offer a calibration as well as repairing service for almost brands of MRI coil repair. They are taking repairing price as per their terms and conditions. Basically, repairing contains basic evaluation of machine and GE MRI parts to get ideas about the exact problem. Some follow rule that repairing is staring after approval of customers. Many also provide repairing warranty that is basically for 30 days. Major repairing can be attempted by experts.


DirectMed Parts is one of well-known companies that can easily repair MRI coils of many manufacturers such as In vivo, Medical Advances, USAI and many others. Its service contains cosmetic and electronic repairs. This company will ship Philips MRI Coil, GE MRI parts and GE coils after testing properly. It also offers service for Replacement MRI Coils & Parts, MRI Injector Units and Quality Replacement CT tubes & Parts. It has more than 20 years of experience in parts and service market. DirectMed provides exceptional, honest and responsiveness repairing service to new and old customer. Even more, it can easily manage parts requirement, service and coil repair on different MRI and CT system. If you are owner of medical center, you have MRI machine and want to repair it then DirectMed Parts is the best place to get your machine in totally new condition.


Mr. Johan Burger is an expert in MRI and CT Equipment parts Advisor. He has years of experience servicing the medical imaging equipment, parts and service market. He works with DirectMed Parts. He writes about various MRI Coil Repair and GE MRI Parts.

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