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What to Do If you Meet Bicycle Accident

by sbyron

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You prefer to ride a bike going to work because it’s a friend of the environment. However, your spouse always express her fear every time you go out biking because it is also the most dangerous mode of transport for her. Other than your helmet, you have nothing to safeguard your body in case you get hit by another car. If you want to continue riding your bicycle, you should at least get educated on what to do in case you meet any sort of accident. Of course, you must try to find Arizona accident attorney. But pay attention to these steps as well:

Call and wait for the authorities until they arrive.

Call or ask somebody to call for the law enforcement officers. Wait for them; do not attempt to go away from the accident scene only because you think you are not injured. Some bicycle riders cannot tell yet if they have injuries. Swelling could appear several hours after the disaster. In addition, what you consider as minor wounds may soon present more serious problems.

Never make a deal with the driver.

Some drivers make an effort to make a deal with the victims so they can easily get away from the trouble - but you should not let yourself be in exactly the same situation. You must be fully compensated for your present and future concerns related to the bicycle accident. You have to hold off until the authorities arrive so they can record everything. They may also issue ticket to the driver. Use this to file damage claims to his or her insurance company.

Moreover, you need to be heard. Talk to the cops and inform them your side of the story. Keep in mind everything that you are stating. Show them your injuries so they can report them. In case you feel that what you are saying are not given importance by the officers, you may later request for the amendment of the report through your Arizona accident attorney.

Gather as much details as possible.

Get the name and the contact info of the driver. If there are witnesses in the area, obtain their names and contact details as well. Certainly, you have your smartphone with you. Take pictures of the event. Shoot in every possible angle. If you are harmed to do this, you may ask somebody to get this done for you.

Be represented by a lawyer who specializes in accidents before you issue more statement.

Some individuals, including insurance adjuster, will try to speak to you. You may say things that will not sustain your earlier declaration with the police because you are now beginning to feel the pain of getting bumped by a car. They may use them against you and you may suffer a loss of the case. What you should do is to refrain yourself from speaking any further until you are able to find an attorney for you.

Another reminder is to preserve evidence. Never try to have your bike repaired. Do not wash the clothes you wore that day. Make several copies of the photos in case you lose one set, you have another set to present. Let your Arizona accident attorney manage them all.

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