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You Do not Have to Hate Home Remodeling

by anonymous

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What is so good with a kitchen remodel? You have a room. You place light and water fixtures. You place stoves, pans, plates, glasses, and utensils. You place all your cooking and baking appliances in it. You add a small table and some chairs. And you are done. Why is there a need for remodeling? I will not scorn you if you find yourself in this mindset every time you see houses with remodeled kitchens. That is your opinion anyway. Perhaps you are just a practical person, and you find remodeling too expensive. I imagine that unless a hurricane carried your kitchen away, you will never undergo such construction.

But really. Why do people do it? Is this just another way to spend their millions of extra cash? Is this their way of bragging and making lesser people shrink in inferiority? I gather that is your perception. Now, why do not we put the money issue aside first and think about the other side of home improvement and remodeling. Did it not occur to you that other people do it not for the sake of bragging rights, but for self-expression? Some people are just too creative (or avid lovers of art and everything beautiful) to leave their houses looking plain and dull.

I understand that this may not be you concern, but I believe that you can use a different perspective on the matter. Why? Number one: so that something light may grace your heavy opinion on kitchen remodel and remodeled rooms and houses in general. Number two: this may influence you to appreciate the art of remodeling--even for just a bit. How is this art? You might ask. Well, everything that involves creativity is considered art. And one needs an ingenious and creative mind to come up with a unique and at the same time beautiful designs.

A remodeled room (more so, a remodeled house) demands attention in the planning and conceptualization process. It demands even more time in order for it to come out as a perfect rendition of what the owner envisions in his or her mind. These people do (and sometimes even sacrifice) all this because they believe what they are building is for the sake of art. It is also a way of life because hey, people do not remodel rooms and then just stare at them. They live and eat and exist in these rooms.

Your prejudice against kitchen remodel (every other remodel in that matter) is, of course, due to your own reasons. However, you also have to know that money is not the only resource that is exerted in this endeavor. The people involved spend time and effort in coming up with designs that will fit the owner’s overall theme and lifestyle. As passionately mentioned before, remodeling is an art which is actively pursued by artists and art enthusiasts alike. Perhaps if you take your time in appreciating it, you will (little by little) stop seeing it as an unnecessary expense but as an active pursuit for the lovely combination of beauty and convenience.

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